Sunnen Hone MBC-1802, 2,500 RPM   Our stock number: 404638

Sunnen Hone MBC-1802, 2,500 RPM

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Sunnen Hone MBC-1802, 2,500 RPMSunnen Hone MBC-1802, 2,500 RPM

To the best of our knowledge all details listed below are deemed correct. It

is the buyer's responsibility to confirm all details and we encourage an

inspection of the machine(s) and accessories prior to purchase.          

General Specifications:
Automatic Sizing I.D. Range:              1/8" to 2"
Power Stroking I.D. Range:                .060" to 3-3/4"
Manual Stroking I.D. Range:               .060" to 6-1/2"

Length Range:                             Open End Bores up to 10" 
                                          Length Can be Automatically Sized. 
                                          Open or Blind Bores up to 16" 
                                          Can be Power Stroked or Manually Stroked

Spindle Speed:                            2,500 RPM
Stroking Rates:                           80-110-160-220-310 SPM
Setup Time:                               10 to 20 minutes
Honing Oil Capacity:                      25 gallons
Motor:                                    1 Horsepower
Electrical:                               230 Volt, Three Phase, 60 Hz

Machine Dimensions: 41" x 55" x 62" tall

*Tooling Cabinet Available Seperately*

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