1-5/8", Ganesh Genturn SL42Y2 Hybrid, Mits M830, 2018, Front/Back Y axis,   Our stock number: 404619

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Equipped With:
This machine has the following options:

Genturn SL-42Y2 Grand Package:
   Purchased as a Non-Guide Bushing machine with Chucker Kit**
   With Edge Patriot 551 12' Barloader - 
   MistBuster 850 Mist Collector
   1,000 PSI MP-Systems 4-Port High Pressure Coolant System (2,000 PSI @ pump
   Harbor Spinflo Coolant Chiller
   Part Chute
   Parts Conveyor
   Chip Conveyor & Chip Cart-link-belt style 

** Synchronous Rotary Guide-Bushing Option ..........$6,995.00

Standard Features
   Mitsubishi M830 CNC control with 8-axis simultaneous motion
   19-Main-Spindle Tool Holders (33-Total standard Tool Holders) 
   14-Sub-Spindle Tool Holders (33-Total Standard Tool Holders) 
   Sub-Spindle Programmable Cutting Oil Flush
   Parts catcher and finished parts conveyor 
   "Dead-Length" Traub-42 / 173E Collet Systems for Both Main & Sub Spindle
   Cutoff confirmation sweep-arm switch 
   Collet Chuck for both main and subspindle with Hydraulic Actuators
   Non-Guide-Bushing Collet Holder for 42mm Barstock 
   18,000 BTU Oil Chiller System Installed
   Sub-spindle programmable air blast and Finished Parts Ejector
   High-Performance "C"-Axis on both the main and subspindle 
   Rigid Synchronous Tapping
   10-Horsepower Integral "Beltless" Main & Sub Spindle Motors
   Spindle Chiller for Main & Sub-Spindle Temperature Control 
   1-3/4-Horspepower Coolant Pump, w/ double coolant filtration 
   Coolant flow confirmation monitoring switch with fault interrupt interface
   9-live-tools: 6-ER-20 & 3-ER-16 collet spindles, work area illumination 


Maximum RPM / spindle bearing:      6,000 RPM (5-bearing spindle, 3-front, 2-

rear ball bearings) 

Main Spindle
Main Spindle Servo Motor:           10-HP 15 Min Duty Rated (7.5HP Constant)

Collet Style; main & sub-spindle:   Traub 42 / 173E
Guide Bushing Type:                 Optional Rotary Guide Bushing
                                    (Uses Hardinge STM38 Bushings)
Bar Diameter W/ or W/O GB:          w/ GB 38mm; and w/o GB 1 5/8" (42mm)
Turning Length (Rotary):            12.20" Single Stroke (310mm)
Turning Length (Without Bushing):   4.13" (105mm)

MAIN SPINDLE TOOLING:               17-Tool Holders - (30 Standard Total) 
O.D. Turning Tool Holders-S1:       (6) 16mm square shank turning tool holders
I.D. Internal Tool Holders-S1:      (5) 25mm Shank Round Tool Sleeve Bores
I.D. Deep Hole Drill Positions-S1   (2) 25mm Shank Round Tool Sleeve Bores
Cross slide live tools-S1:          (6) ER-20, 4,000 RPM, 2.0 HP (1.6kw) 
Axial front slide live tool opt.S1: (3) ER-20 - Opt. in Lieu of 1 Cross Tool
Maximum Drilling/Tapping Capacity:  13mm Drilling/M10 Tapping 
Cross Drilling / Tapping Capacity:  10mm Drilling/ M6 Tapping 

SUB SPINDLE WITH FULL C AXIS:       Simultaneous Main/sub
Sub spindle RPM / spindle bearing:  6,000 RPM/4 Bearing - Quad-Duplex 
                                    pair configuration
Sub Spindle Servo Motor (5.5/7.5kw) 10-HP, 15 Min Duty Rated (7.5HP Constant)

Barstock Diameter:                  1-5/8" (42mm); 42mm thru sub-spindle 
Finished Parts Ejector & Air Blast
Max workpiece length/front eject'n  110mm from Sub spindle
O.D. Turning Tool Holders-S2:       (3) 16mm Square Shank Turning Tool Holders
I.D. Internal Tool Holders-S2       (5) 25mm Shank Round Tool Sleeve Bores
                                    shared with main spindle
I.D. Internal Tool Holders-S2 
   Upto 8:                          (3) ER-16 Fixed Tools - 3/8" Max
Subspindle axial live tools-S2
   Upto 8:                          (3) ER-16 Axial Live Tools 4,000 RPM/ 1 HP
   (8-subspindle tool block can mix live & fixed tools, or 2 radial live tools
   can be substituted for 2 axial tools on subspindle tool block)
Drilling/Tapping Capacity:          13mm Drilling / M10 Tapping on Sub
Cross Drilling/Tapping Capacity:    8mm Drilling / M6 Tapping 

Main Spindle Stroke                 12.20" (310mm)
X1, Y1, Z1, X2, Y2, Z2 Rapids       944 IPM (24m/minute)
X1, Z1 Axis Motor Power             2-Horsepower (1.4kw)
X2, Y1, Y2, Z2 Axis Motor Power     1-Horsepower (.75kw)
Linear Ways - X1, Y2                Ball-Bearing Linear Ways (point contact)
Linear Ways - X2, Y1, Z1, Z2        Roller-Bearing Linear Ways (line contact -
                                     twice as rigid)
Minimum input unit                  0.0001" (0.001mm = 40 millionths inch)

Machine Dimensions (L x W x H):     121" x 67" x 83" (2925 x 1690 x 2100 mm)

Machine Weight:                     11,024 lbs (5000kgs) 
Machine Power Requirements:         220vac, 75 Amps, 30kva, 3-Phase, 60hz
Air Requirements:                   85-PSI @ 6-CFM 

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