31.5"X, 20"Y, 20"Z, HARDINGE 800 II, 2001   Our stock number: 403973

31.5 X, 20 Y, 20 Z, HARDINGE 800 II, 2001

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31.5 X, 20 Y, 20 Z, HARDINGE 800 II, 200131.5 X, 20 Y, 20 Z, HARDINGE 800 II, 2001

Genral Specifications as per Brochure:
   Table Size:                              36" X 20"
   X:                                       31.5"
   Y:                                       20"
   Z:                                       20"
   Rapid Traverse:                          1181 IPM
   Spindle Taper:                           CAT 40
   Spindle Speed:                           10,000 RPM
   Spindle Motor:                           20 HP
   Automatic Tool Changer:                  20 Stations

Equipped With (Must be verified by Buyer):
   810D/840D Siemens CNC Control
   220 VAC to 460 VAC 3 phase isolation step-up transformer

***Tooling, Tool holders, Vises and Mist Buster Not Included.

Known Issues:
1) There is run out, about +/- 0.001.  So we believe the lead

screws are worn.
2) The spindle is growlie at high speeds, so we have been

operating it at less than 5000 rpm for the last 5 years.
3) On occasion it losses Tool orientation and has to be reset.

Can be seen on shop Floor

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