20.08"X, 16.93"Y, 12.99"Z, Ganesh Genmill T-500, Mitsubishi M80, 12,000 RPM   Our stock number: 403964

20.08 X, 16.93 Y, 12.99 Z, Ganesh Genmill T-500, Mitsubishi M80, 12,000 RPM

To the best of our knowledge all details listed below are deemed correct.
It is the buyers responsibility to confirm ALL details prior to purchase.
Option: These new machines are being sold as-is with pre-installation checkout
in Chatsworth, Califonia. Parts Warranty Only Starting at: $10,000.00

Equipped With:
   Heavy Duty Cross Roller Bearing Ways
   Dual Ground, Dual Contact "Big Plus" 12,000 RPM Spindle
   21-Tool, High Speed Tool Changer
   2,362 IPM Rapid Traverse Rates
   32-GB High Speed Data Server for Massive Prgram Memory
   High Speed Synchronous Rigid Tapping
   45 PSI Coolant System for Cutting Tools
   Chip Wash Down Coolant Flushing System
   Air Gun & Coolant Gun
   Full Machine Enclosure Including Top Cover
   Spindle Air Blast by M-Code for Through Spindle & at the Cutting Tool
   Portable MPG Hand Wheel with Magnetic Base
   LED Worklight
   Heat Exchanger for Electrical Cabinet
   Machine Condition Signal Lamp - Tri-Color Stack Lamp
   Automatic Pressurized Centalized Lubrication System
   4th Axis Wiring Pre-Installed
   M30 Automatic Power-Off Turn Off the Circut Breaker

**The Mitsubishi control, motors, and drive package are covered by a 3-year

warranty. The Machine Has a One-Year Warranty**

Axis Travel
   X-Axis:                                20.08"        510mm
   Y-Axis:                                16.93"        430mm
   Z-Axis:                                12.99"        330mm
   Spindle Nose To Table Surface:         5.1"-18.1"    130-460mm
   Spindle Centerline To Column:          18.89"        480mm

Work Table
   Table Surface Dimension (X/Y):         22.04" x 15.75"560 x 400mm
   T-Slot Dimension/Spacing:              3-14mm Slots  125mm Spacing
   Table Height:                          35" Above Floor890mm
   Table Weight for Accuracy:             550 lbs       250 KG

   Spindle Motor:                         Mitsubishi DJ-D5.5/120-01 - 7.5 HP
   Spindle Motor Coupling:                Inline Direct Drive

   Spindle Speed:                         12,000 RPM

   Synchronous Tapping Speed Limit:       6,000 RPM
   Tapping Performance:                   M20 x 2.5 AluminumM14x2.0 Steel 
   Drilling Performance:                  38mm Aluminum 25mm Steel
   Spindle Torque:                        26 ft-lb @ 1500 RPM
   Tool Type:                             BT#30         4 Bearing Spindle
                                                        2 Top - 2 Bottom
   Spindle Bearing - Inner Diameter:      40mm          P4 Class
                                                        7 Steel Ball Bearings
   Spindle Material / Hardness:           SCM415        HRC 58-62
   Retention System / Holding:            MAS-P30T-1    Bellville Spring Stack

                                                        1650-1760 lbs

   Spindle Runout:                        <0.000040" TIR / Pull Stud USST B30-4500H

Axis Feeds (X/Y/Z)
   Rapid Traverse:                        2,362 IPM     60/60/60m/minute
   Rated Cutting Feedrate:                0.04 - 1181 IPM30/30/30m/minute

   Mechanical Way System:                 Roller Bearing WaysRoller Ways 30/30/35mm

   Axis Drive Motor Power:                2 HP /3 HP    1.5 kw/2.2 kw w/ Brake

   Axis Thrust Force:                     3,335lbs/3,692lbs14840 N/16430 N
   Ballscrews:                            32mm          16mm Pitch

   Positioning Accuracy:                  +0.00015"     +0.004mm

   Positioning Reapeatability:            +0.00008"     +0.002mm
   Least Input Command Increment:         0.0001" / 0.000040"0.001mm 40 Millionths

Tool Changer
   Tool Capacity:                         21-Tools      Drum turret
   Tool Shank:                            BT#30         MAS P30T-1 Pull Stud
   Tool Change Time:                      1.6 Sec       Servo Motor Driven
   Tool Diameter with Adjacent Tool:      2.36"/3.15"   60mm/80mm w/No Tool
   Tool Length / Max. Tool Weight:        7.87"/6.6 lbs 200mm/ 3 kg
   Tool Selection / Tool Access:          Random        Bi-Directional

   Air Service Requirements:              85 psi @ 5 scfm6 kg/cm2
   Electrical Requirements:               16kva, 40 Apms22vac+5%, 60hz 
   Coolant Pump - Chip Flush Pump:        1.0 HP        .75kw
   Cutting Tools - HP / Pressure:         1.0 HP / 45 PSI.75kw
   Coolant Tank Capacity:                 32 Gallons    120 Liters
   Machine Dimesnions:                    50"x87"x95"   125x221x241 cm
   Machine Weight:                        6,110 lbs     2,770 kg

Genmill T-500 Machine Options
   Factory machine installation: "Peace-of-Mind Factory Installation"
*Includes Expenses*:                                    POR

   Factory on-site 3-day machine operation and program training

*Includes Expenses*:                                    POR

   Automatic Operator Door:                             POR

   Belt-Style Rear Discharge Chip Conveyor:             POR

   Auger-Style Chip Conveyor:                           POR

   15,000 RPM Spindle Speed Upgrade:                    POR

   Second-Year Machine Warranty:                        POR

   Voltage Stabilizers and Transformers 
(specify voltage needs):                                POR

   Air Conditioner for Electrical Cabinet 
Refrigerated-Style,Upgrade Over Standard Heat Exchanger:POR

   375 PSI Through-The-Spindle-Coolant Prep:            POR

   375 PSI Through-The-Spindle-Coolant Upgrade 
(25-Bar - No Additional Coolant Tank Supplied:          POR

   Linear Scales For All 3-Axis
Heidenhain5um Optical Liner Scales:                    POR

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