3/4", Ganesh Genturn SL20Y2, Mitsubishi M830, Dual C & Y Axis, "New", 2018   Our stock number: 403961

3/4 , Ganesh Genturn SL20Y2, Mitsubishi M830, Dual C & Y Axis, New , 2018

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Option: This is virtually a new machines and is being sold as-is with a start-

up warranty only covering that the machine will power up and function normally
Delivery, Installation & Training can be quoted separately.

Equipped With:
   Synchronous Rotary Guide-Bushing Holder 
   Non-Guide Bushing Holder (Chucker Kit)
   Parts catcher and finished parts conveyor w/ output ramp & collection bin

   Cutoff confirmation sweep-arm switch 
   Sub-spindle programmable air blast and finished parts ejector

   High-Performance "C"-Axis on both the main and sub spindle

   Rigid Synchronous Tapping
   Enclosure pre-drilled and tapped for 4-High Pressure Oil Ports
   Cutting oil chiller system - 18K BTU's (For Machine Thermal Stabalization) 
   Coolant flow confirmation monitoring switch w/ fault interrupt interface 
   8-live-tool ER-16 collet spindles (3-not mounted)
   3-Postion Z-axis (Live Face) Tool
   Collets, TF-25: 3/8", 7/16", 1/2" 
   Guide Bushings, TD25S: 3/8", 7/16"  
   (4) Foot pads
   Manuals: Ganesh Operations, Parts, Electrical
   Manuals: Mitsubishi M800/M80
   Tool Box

General Specifications:

Maximum RPM / spindle bearing:            10,000 RPM (5-bearing spindle, 3-

front, 2-rear ball bearings) 
Main Spindle Servo Motor:                 5- HP 15 Min Duty Rated (3HP

Constant) Collet Style for main & subspindle:                      Hardinge TF-

25S / S&M TS-25 / Star SR-20 Collet Actuation System:              Pneumatic

Piston Driven Toggle Clamp
                                          Feed Finger Style Synchronous Rotary

Guide-Bushing:                            TD25S (20mm round, 16mm Hex, 12mm

Square) Maximum Barstock Diameter:        23mm (Collet Range - 1/16"-13/16")

Maximum Distance between Spindles:        23.6" (600mm) Spindle Centerline

Height:                                   42" (1060mm) 
MAIN SPINDLE TOOLING:                     17-Tool Holders - (30 Standard

O.D. Turning Tool Holders-S1:             (6) 12mm square shank turning tool

I.D. Internal Tool Holders-S1:            (4) 22mm Shank Round Tool Sleeve

Bores I.D. Deep Hole Drill Positions-S1   (2) 22mm Shank Round Tool Sleeve

Bores Cross slide live tools-S1:          (5) ER-16, 8,000 RPM, 1.6 HP (1.2kw)

Axial front slide live tool opt.S1:       (3) ER-16 - Optional in Lieu of 1

Cross T.  Maximum Drilling/Tapping Capacity:                       10mm

Drilling/M8 Tapping - Main Spindle Cross Drilling / Tapping Capacity:8mm

Drilling/ M6 Tapping - Cross Tools 
Sub spindle RPM / spindle bearing:        8,000 RPM/4 Bearing - Quad Duplex

Sub Spindle Servo Motor (2.2/3.7kw)       5-HP, 15 Min Duty Rated (3HP

Constant) Collet Style for main & subspindle:                      Hardinge TF-

25S/ S&M TS-25/ Star Sr20 Collet Actuation System:                 Pneumatic

Piston Driven Toggle Clamp Barstock Diameter:                      23mm

(Collet Range - 1/16"-13/16"
Finished Parts Ejector & Air Blast:       Included (Can Pass Long 20mm Thru

Sub Spi.  workpiece length/front ejection:                         110mm part

length for front ejection 
SUB-SPINDLE BACK-WORKING TOOLING:         13-Tool Holders O.D. Turning Tool

Holders-S2:                               (3) 10mm Square Shank Turning Tool

Holders I.D. Internal Tool Holders-S2:    (4) 22mm Shank Round Tool Sleeve

Bores I.D. Internal Tool Holders-S2:      (3) ER-16 Fixed Tools - 3/8" Max. 

Subspindle axial live tools-S2:           (3) ER-16 Axial Live Tools 4,000

RPM/ 1 HP 
   (2 radial live tools are available - one for each inboard axial driven tool

   on subspindle tool block)

Backworking machining length:             6.1" Turning / 3.14" Boring

Drilling/Tapping Capacity:                10mm Drilling / M8 Tapping Cross

Drilling/Tapping Capacity:                8mm Drilling / M6 Tapping 
Main Spindle Stroke:                      9.840" Single Stroke (250mm) Turning

Length-Rotary Bushing:                    7.48" (190mm) Turning Length-Without

Bushing                                   2.36" (60mm) X1,Y1,Z1,X2,Y2,Z2 Rapi

Traverse:                                 944 IPM (24m/minute) X1,Y1,Z1 Axis

Motor Power:                              1-HP (.75kw) X2,Y2,Z2 Axis Motor

Power:                                    .67-HP (.5kw) Minimum input

unit:                                     0.0001" (0.001mm = 40 millionths) 
Machine Dimensions (L x W x H):           118" x 55" x 78" (2846 x 1284 x 2024

mm) Machine Weight:                       5,954 lbs (2700kgs) Coolant Pump

Power:                                    1.5-HP (1.2kw) Coolant Tank

Capacity:                                 58-Gal Coolant Tank (220L) (Oil

Only) Lubrication distribution-2-liter    Way lube @ 3-6cc / 15 Minute Cycle

Machine Power Requirements:               220vac, +5%, 53 Amps, 20kva, 3-

Phase, 60hz Air Requirements:             85-PSI @ 6-CFM 

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