Ganesh GT-1340, 2019,"New", 13" x 40". Inch/Metric, Chuck Guard, Footbrake   Our stock number: 403952

Ganesh GT-1340, 2019, New , 13 x 40 . Inch/Metric, Chuck Guard, Footbrake

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Equipped With:
   Hardened and Ground Ways
   Hardened and Ground Gears
   Inch / Metric Threading 
   Safety Footbrake 
   Gap Bed 
   Safety Chuck Guard 
   Built-in Coolant Pump 
   Rugged Meehanite Casting

General Specifications:

Capacity & Dimensions:
   Swing Over Bed:                        13"
   Center Height:                         6-1/2"
   Swing Over Cross Slide:                7-25/32"
   Swing Thru Gap:                        18-3/4"
   Length of Gap in Front of Face Plate:  D1-4 4-1/2"
   Distance Between Centers:              40"

   Bed Casting Width, Length, Depth: 
                                          7-3/8", 49-1/8", 11-13/32"
   Spindle Motor:                         3-HP
   Spindle Speed:                         8-speed geared head 2000 rpm
   Spindle Bore:                          1-1/2"
   Spindle Nose:                          D1-4
   Spindle Taper in Spindle Nose:         MT-5

   Cross Slide Travel:                    6 - 5/16"
   Cross Slide Width:                     4 - 5/8"
   Cross Slide Lead Screw Pitch:          .200"/rev.
   Cross Slide Resolution per Division:   0.001"
   Carriage Lead Screw Diameter/Pitch:    7/8" / 8 TPI
   Feed Rod Dimension:                     3/4" hexagon

   Compound Top Slide Travel:             2-11/16"
   Compound Top Slide Width:              3" 

   Cutting Tool Height Maximum:           5/8" x 5/8" 

   Quill Diameter:                        1-21/32"
   Quill Stroke:                          4-1/2" 

   Quill Taper:                           MT-3 Morse Taper #3
   Tailstock Body Set-Over Adjustment:    3/8"  

Thread Cutting:
   Thread Cutting Range-31 Inch Pitches:  4 - 56 TPI
   Thread Cutting Range-26 Metric Pitches:0.4 - 7mm
   Thread Cutting Range-32 Diametral Pitches: 8 - 120 D.P.
   Thread Cutting Range-44 Module Pitches: 0.2 - 3 M.P.

   Feeds-Longitudinal - 32 Feeds 0.002" - 0.548"/rev.
   Feeds-Cross - 32 Feeds 0.0007" - 0.0187"/rev. 

Machine Weight:                           1,345 lbs
Machine Dimensions:                       76-38" x 29-3/4" x 48-3/4"

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