Ganesh GenTurn 32GT, 2018,"New",1.25" cap,11-live, gang tool, Sub Spindle,C-axis   Our stock number: 403951

Ganesh GenTurn 32GT, 2018, New ,1.25 cap,11-live, gang tool, Sub Spindle,C-axis

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Option: These new machines are being sold as-is with pre-installation checkout
in Chatsworth, Califonia. Parts Warranty Only Starting at: $10,000.00

Equipped With:
  Extra M-Codes

General Specifications:

Axis Travel:
  X-Travel:                              8.46" (215mm)
  Z-Travel:                              5.98" (152mm)
  Maximum Turning Diameter/Length:       7.87" / 5.5" (200mm / 140mm)
  Swing Over Bedways:                    12.59" (320mm)

Axis Feeds:
  Rapid Traverse (X, Z):                 787 ipm 20/20m/minute
  Rated Cutting Feedrate:                236 ipm 6/6m/minute
  Slant Bed Angle:                       20 Deg. Slant Bed Angle for Tooling
  Axis Drive Motor Power (X-Axis):       1.0-HP .75 kw
  Axis Drive Motor Power (Z-Axis):       1-1/3-HP 1.0 kw
  Ballscrew Diameter (X,Z):              32mm
  Positioning Accuracy (X/Z - X/Z):      0.00015" /  0.004mm
  Positioning Repeatability (X/Z):        =0.00008" / 0.002mm
  Least Input Command Increment:         0.0001" / 0.000040" / 0.001mm 

  Spindle Nose Mount:                    A2-5
  Spindle Speed:                         6,000 RPM

  Tapping Spindle Speed:                 2,000 rpm
  Bar Capacity:                          1-1/4", 32mm
  Spindle Bore:                          34mm
  Spindle Bearing - Inside Diameter:     70mm
  Spindle Motor Power:                   3.7/5.5kw 7.5-HP / 5.5kw

  Spindle Motor Torque:                  26 ft. lbs. 35Nm
  Spindle Motor Drive Coupling:          Belt Drive
  Spindle Runout:                        0.000040" T.I.R.

Tool Plate/Tool System:
  Tool Plate Overall Dimensions:         8.66" x 36.45"
  Tool Plate T-Slot Dimensions:          21mm Base & 12mm Neck Width

  T-Slots:                               3 T-Slots on 63mm Centers
  Turning Tool Shank Size:               20mm 3/4" Square Shank
  Internal Tool Shank Size:               32mm 1-1/4"

Machine Weight:                          4,850 lbs
Machine Dimensions:                      81" x 64" x 64"

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