Ganesh GT-1840, 2016, Fanuc 0i, 10"Chk, 2-3/8", 18" x 40", D1-6 Nose, like new   Our stock number: 403801

Ganesh GT-1840, 2016, Fanuc 0i, 10 Chk, 2-3/8 , 18 x 40 , D1-6 Nose, like new

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Ganesh GT-1840, 2016, Fanuc 0i, 10 Chk, 2-3/8 , 18 x 40 , D1-6 Nose, like new

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Equipped With:
   Fagor 8055 CNC Control
   10" 3-Jaw D1-6 Mount Scroll Chuck 
   Dual-Prismatic Quick-Change Toolpost 
     w/ Automatic electric driven 4-way programmable 
   4-Quick Change Toolholders  (With adjustable tool height) 
   MT#5 Tail Stock w/ MT#5 Live Center 
   Coolant System 
   Fluorescent Work Light 
   Machine Condition Display Lamp 
   2-Range Geared Headstock 

Machine is in LIKE NEW Condition
Less the 50 hours run time

Replacement cost: $43,485.00

General Specifications:
   Swing Over Bed:                        18" (460mm)
   Swing Over Cross Slide:                9" (230mm)
   Center Height:                         9" (230mm)
   Center Distance:                       39.37" (1000mm)
   Bed Length:                            82.5" (2095mm)
   Bed Way Width:                         14-1/2" (370mm)
   Bed Casting Depth:                     13-3/8" (340mm)

   Spindle Motor:                         10-HP (15 HP Peak) (7.5Kw)
   Spindle Speeds:                        43-2,500 RPM infinitely variable

   Spindle Speed Per Gear Range:          L= 43-850, H= 125-2500 RPM
   Constant Torque Ranges:                L= 43-270, H= 125-800 RPM
   Constant Power Ranges:                 L= 270-850 H= 800-2500 RPM
   Spindle Bore:                          2-3/8" (2.385") (60mm)
   Spindle Nose - Camlock:                D1-6 Camlock
   Spindle ID Taper in Spindle Nose:      MT-6 MT#6

Cross Slide:
   Rapid Traverse Feedrate:               393 IPM (10m/min)
   X-Axis Motor:                          FANUC 2-HP (1.5kW) Absolute type
   Cross Slide Travel:                    10.63" (270mm)
   Cross Slide Dimensions:                8.26" x 27.5" (210 x 700mm)
   Cross Slide Ballscrew Diameter:        1" (25mm)
   Cross Slide Ballscrew Pitch:           5mm Accuracy Grade C3
   Cross Slide Thrust:                    2860 ft. lbs. (1300Kg Force)

   Rapid Traverse Feedrate:               472 IPM (12m/min)
   Z-Axis Motor:                          FANUC 2-HP (1.5kW) Absolute type
   Z-Axis Travel:                         38.58" (980mm)
   Cutting Tool Height:                   1.5" (38mm)
   Carriage Ballscrew Diameter:           1-5/16" (36mm)
   Carriage Ball Screw Pitch:             10mm Accuracy Grade C3
   Carriage Slide Thrust:                 6,200 ft. lbs. (2850Kg Force)

   Quill Diameter:                        2-15/16" (75mm)
   Quill Stroke:                          6-5/16" (160mm)
   Quill Taper:                           MT-5 Morse Taper # 5
   Tailstock Body Set-Over Adjustment:    3/8" (  10mm)

Machine Dimensions:                       100" x 55" x 73"
Machine Weight:                           5,072 lbs

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