30"X, 12"Y, 16"Z, HAAS TM-1, 2004, 10 ATC   Our stock number: 403787

30 X, 12 Y, 16 Z, HAAS TM-1, 2004, 10 ATC

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30 X, 12 Y, 16 Z, HAAS TM-1, 2004, 10 ATC30 X, 12 Y, 16 Z, HAAS TM-1, 2004, 10 ATC

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"To the best of our knowledge all details listed below are deemed correct. It

is the buyer's responsibility to confirm all details and we encourage an

inspection of the machine(s) and accessories prior to purchase."

Equipped With:
  Haas Control 
  10 Position ATC
 =4Th Axis Ready

General Specifications As Per Brochure (To Be Verified By Buyer):
  X Axis:                                  30" 
  Y Axis:                                  12" 
  Z Axis:                                  16" 
  Spindle Nose to Table (~ max):           20" 
  Spindle Nose to Table (~ min):           4" 
  Length:                                  47.75 " 
  Width:                                   10.5 " 
  T-Slot Width:                            5/8 " 
  T-Slot Center Distance:                  4.00 " 
  Number of Std T-Slots:                   3 
  Max Weight on Table (evenly distributed) 1000 lb 
  Max Rating:                              7.5 hp 
  Max Speed:                               4000 rpm 
  Max Torque:                              33 ft-lb @ 1200 rpm 
  Drive System:                            Direct Speed Belt Drive 
  Taper:                                   CT 40 
  Bearing Lubrication:                     Grease packed 
  Cooling:                                 Air Cooled 
  Rapids on X:                             400 in/min 
  Rapids on Y:                             400 in/min 
  Rapids on Z:                             400 in/min 
  Max Cutting:                             400 in/min 
  Max Tool Diameter:                       (full)    3.5 " 
  Max Tool Weight:                         12 lb 
  Tool-to-Tool (avg):                      5.7 sec 
  Chip-to-Chip (avg):                      6.5 sec 

Machine:  88" x 59" x 99" 4,000 lbs
Coolant Tank:  24" x 12" x 15" 35 lbs

Motion Hours 12775
Spindle Hours 12751

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