1-1/4", CITIZEN A32VII, MITS, 2012, Live tools, sub spindle, mag loader   Our stock number: 403759

1-1/4 , CITIZEN A32VII, MITS, 2012, Live tools, sub spindle, mag loader

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Specifications as per OEM brochure (buyer should verify details):

Equipped with (buyer to verify details): 
   Citizen Cincom (Mitsubishi Meldas 70) Control
   Edge C332 Magazine Barloader
   Long Work Piece 
   3 Color Signal Tower
   Cross Face Live Tool Spindles (3)
   Live Back Working Unit With 4 Positions
   C-Axis (Main & Sub Spindles)

General Specification As Per Brochure:
CNC Control:                                  Citizen Cincom (Mits Meldas)
Maximum Machining Diameter:                   32mm
Maximum Machining Length:                     320mm
Main Spindle Speeds:                          8000 Max RPM
Main Spindle Indexing:                        C-Axis
Back Spindle Speeds:                          8000 Max RPM
Sub-Spindle Indexing:                         C-Axis
Rotary Tool Speeds:                           5000 Max RPM
Back Spindle Max Chucking Diameter:           32mm
Turning Tools:                                10 Turning Tool Stations 
                                                (6 Static, 4 Live)
Rotary (Live) Tools:                          4 Live Tool Stations
Front Endworking Tools:                       4 Stations
Back Endworking Tools:                        9 Total Stations (4 + 5)
Cutting Tool Shank/Sleeve Size:               24.5mm
Rapid Traverse (X/Y/Z):                       (45m/min X2,Y1,Z1,Z2)(32m/min X1)
Main Spindle Drive:                           7.5 KW
Back Spindle Drive:                           3.7 KW
Rotary Tool Drive:                            1 KW
Electrics:                                    220 Volt 3 Phase
Dimensions (approx):                          104" x 53" x 91"

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