40"X, 20"Y, 25"Z, Haas, VF-3, 1995   Our stock number: 403288

40 X, 20 Y, 25 Z, Haas, VF-3, 1995

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40 X, 20 Y, 25 Z, Haas, VF-3, 1995

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Equipped With:
   Haas CNC Control 
   Geared Head 
   Programmable Coolant Nozzle
   3.5" Floppy 
   Rigid Tap 
   Chip Auger 

General Specifications:
   X-Axis Travel:                          40"
   Y-Axis Travel:                          20"
   Z-Axis Travel:                          25"
   Spindle End to Table Surface:           4" to 29"
   Table Size:                             48" x 18" table load
   Taper of Spindle Hole:                  No. 40
   Spindle Speed Range:                    7500rpm

   Rapid Traverse Speed (x/y/z):           500 ipm
   Cutting Feedrate (x/y/z):               200 ipm
   Main Spindle Drive Motor:               15hp

   Magazine Tool Capacity:                 20

Machine:  120" x 100" x 104" 13,300 lbs
Coolant Tank:  73" x 21" x 17" 165 lbs

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