EmcoTurn 332MC Plus, Seimens, 2001, 8.6" Swing, 6.3"X, 5.5"Y, 20"Z, Barfeed   Our stock number: 403009

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Equiped With:
   Bar Feed 

General Specifications As Per Brochure

   CNC Control:                            Siemens 840D
   Max. Swing Capacity:                    8.6"
   Max. Turning Diameter:                  5.5"
   Cross Slide Travel (X/Y):               6.3"/5.5"
   Max. Turning length:                    18.9"
   Spindle Bore:                           1.75
   Longitudinal Slide Travel (Z):          20"
   Distance between Main & Counter-Spindle:28.3"
   Spindle Nose Type (per DIN 55026):      A2-4
   Diameter of Front Spindle Bearing:      2.76"
   Counter-spindle Longitudinal Travel (Z):20"
   Counter-spindle Traverse Rate:          945 IPM
Main Spindle:
   AC-drive Motor Output (80% duty cycle): 13 HP
   Speed Range (Infinately Variable):      0 - 8,000 RPM
   Spindle Torque:                         40 Ft LBS
   AC-drive Motor Output (80% duty cycle): 13 HP
   Speed Range (Infinately Variable):      0 - 7,000 RPM
   Spindle Torque:                         33 Ft LBS
Spindle Indexing:
   Hydraulic Actuated Programmable Disk
     Brake, Division:                      0.1"
   Resolution of Circular Axis (360,000)   0.001"
   Rapid Traverse Rate (Rotational):       100 IPM
Feed Drives:
   Rapid Traverse Rate (Z/X):              945/787 IPM
   Feed Force (Z/X):                       900/675 Ft LBS
Tooling System (12 station vertical disk turret w/bi-directional indexing)
   VDI Quick-change Tool Turret:           VDI-25
   # of Tool Stations, Each Turret:        12
   # of Driven Tool Stations, Each Turret: 12
Driven Tools:
   Max. Power:                             10 HP
   Speed Range:                            0 - 6,000 RPM
Hydraulic System Max. Pressure:            750 PSI
Clamping System:
   Main Spindle Chuck Diameter:            5"
   Counter-Spindle Chuck Diameter:         5"
   Collet Chuck Capacity:                  1-1/4"
Coolant System:
   Coolant Tank Capacity:                  66 Gallons
   Coolant Pressure:                       150 PSI
Electrical System:
   Supply Voltage:                         208-408 Vac
Spindle Height Above Floor:                46"
Dimensions (approx.):                      104" x 80" x 76"
Weight (approx.):                          7,615 lbs

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