EMCO 420MC-plus, 2006, 1" cap, 2-Spindle / 2-Sub-spindle, C-axis,live tool, lodr   Our stock number: 402677

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Equipped With:
    FMB Turbo Bar Loader
    Parts Catcher

General Specifications:

Technical Data of Machine:
    Working Range:                         ET420MC plus
    Swing Over Cross Slide:                160 (mm) 6.29 (in)
    Distance Between Spindle Noses:        408 (mm) 16.06 (in)
    Max Turning Diameter:                  100 (mm) 3.93 (in)
Max Part Length For Unloading Through 
  The Counter Spindle:                     600 (mm) 23.62 (in)

    Max Bar Stock Diameter:                26 (mm) 1.02 (in)

    Travel in X1 / X2:                     78 (mm) 3.07 (in)
    Travel in Z1 / Z2:                     210 (mm) 8.26 (in)

    Torque:                                38 (Nm)
    Spindle Nose (centering shoulder):     70 h5
    Spindle Bearing (inside diameter):     60 (mm) 2.36 (in)
    Spindle Bore:                          38 (mm) 1.49 (in)

Counter Spindle:
    Speed Range:                           0-5000 rpm
    Torque:                                38 (Nm)
    Spindle Nose (centering shoulder):     70 h5
    Spindle Bearing (inside diameter):     60 (mm) 2.36 (in)
    Bar Capacity w/ Cuck or Collet Chuck:  26x100 (mm) 1.02 x 3.93 (in) 
    Travel in Z2:                          233 mm 9.17 (in)

    Resolution:                            0,01 Degree
    Rapid Speed:                           1000 rpm
    Torque:                                38 (Nm)
Spindle Indexing 
  (at each spindle separately):            3 Degree

Drive Power:
    Main Drive at 100% Duty Cycle:         9 (kW)

Tool Turret:
    Number of Tool Stations:               2x 12
    Adaptor Shank to VDI (DIN 69880):      VDI 16
    Tool Cross Section for Square Tools:   16 x 16 (mm) .62 x . 62 (in)
    Shank Diameter for Boring Bars:        25 (mm) .98 (in)
                                           Indexing Time:0,4 Sec.
    Indexing Accuracy (at a radius 100mm): +/- 0,002 (mm)
    Repeatability (at a radius 100mm):     +/- 0,0008 (mm)
    Driven Tools:                          ET420MC plus
    Spindle Speed:                         0-5000 RPM
    Max Torque at each Tool:               3 (Nm)
    Max Power at each Turret:              1.6 (kW)
    Number of Driven Tools at each Turret: 2x 4

Feed Drives:                                
    Rapid Traverse X / Y:                  12 / 20 (Min/Max)
    Feed Force in X:                       3000 (N)
    Feed Force in Z:                       3000 (N)
    Rapid Traverse in X/Y:                 0,1 (S)

Coolant System (Integrated Into Chip Conveyor)
    Tank Capacity:                         200 (I)
    Pump Power (Flushing / Tool Turret):   0,57 / 0,86 (kW)
Coolant Delivery @ 3,5 Bar / 1 Bar
    (To Rinse Working Area):               15/65 (I/min)

Coolant Delivery @6Bar/2Bar
    (For Both Turrets):                    5/60 (I/min)

Pneumatic Unit
    Air Pressure Required:                 6 (Bar)
    Minimal Air Pressure:                  5,5 (Bar)
    Minimal Size of Air Hose:              1/4"
    Air Volume Required:                   300 (I/min)

Lubrication System: 
Guide Ways and Ball Screw (Feature Oil Saver logic)  Auto Central Oil

Main Spindle, Counter Spindle (Free of Maintenance)  Grease Lubrication

Clamping System:
Main Spindle w/ Through Hole 
  Actuator System:                         26 (mm) 1.02 (in)
Counter Spindle w/ Actuator System and Integrated Part Ejector

Bar Loader:
    EMCO Standard Bar Loader Interface for FMB Double TURBO

Chip Conveyor:
The chip conveyor must be installed under machine. A 24-pin Harting plus is

used to connect the chip conveyor. This includes also a "Coolant Saver Logic"


Parts Catcher:
    Pneumatically Operated:                6 (bar)

    Max finished part length:              120 (mm) 4.7 (in)
    Max finished part diameter:            26 (mm) 1.02 (in)

Power Supply:
    Voltage:                               3/PE - 400V
    Max Voltage Fluctuations:              +5 / -10 (%)
    Frequency:                             50/60 (Hz)

Operating Conditions:
    Required Room Temperature:             +10 to +35 (C) 

Dimensions / Weight:

Spindle Height Above Floor 
    (Upper/Lower Spindle):                 1179/1030 (mm) 46.41/40.55 (in)

Machine Total Height:                      2200 (mm) 86.61 (in)

Floor Space W x D 
    (w/ out chip conveyor):                2200x1500 (mm) 86.41 x 59.05 (in)

Total Weight of Machine 
    (w/ out chip conveyor)                 Ca. 2600 (kg)

Sound Intensity Level:
    Avg. Sound emission Level:             78 db(A)

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