5/8" Citizen K16VII (1F7P), 5-Axis, LNS Express 220 Loader, Static/Live Tooling   Our stock number: 402506

5/8 Citizen K16VII (1F7P), 5-Axis, LNS Express 220 Loader, Static/Live Tooling

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5/8 Citizen K16VII (1F7P), 5-Axis, LNS Express 220 Loader, Static/Live Tooling

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Equipped With:
  Fanuc FS31i CNC Control
  LNS Express 220 Magazine Barfeed
  Live Tools
  Sub Spindle 
  Misc Collets and bushing package 
  Tool kit

*Ran oil and is well maintained

Main Spindle Tooling:
  6 Static Crossworking
  4 Static Endworking
  4 Live Crossworking

Sub Spindle Tooling:
  4 Static Endworking
  Pneumatic Knock Out
  Air Blast Through Spindle

General Speifications from Citizen K16VII Brochure:
  Max. Machining Diameter:               16 mm (.63")
  Max. Machining Length:                 200 mm (7.87")
  Max. Front Drilling Diameter:          10 mm (.39")
  Max. Front Tapping Size:               M8 (w/ tap and die)
 =Spindle Through-hole Diameter:        =20 mm (.79")+
 =Max. Drill Dia. Rotary Cross Drill:   =5 mm (.2")+
 =Max. Tap Dia. Rotary Cross Drill      =M4+
 =Rotary Spindle Speed:                 =6,000 rpm+
 =Max. Chuck Diameter of back Spindle:  =16 mm (0.63")
 =Max. Wkpiece Length for front Ejection:=40 mm (1.57"
 =Max. Drill Dia. for BW:               =6 mm (0.24")+
 =Max. Tap Dia. for BW:                 =M5+

Main Spindle:                            Full C
  Spindle Speed:                         15,000 RPM
  Indexing:                              1 Degree (C-Axis Optional)

Sub Spindle:                             1 Degree Increments
  Spindle Speed:                         10,000 RPM
  Spindle Indexing:                      1 Degree (C-Axis Optional)

Number of Tools to be Mounted:           18
  Turning Tools on the Gang Tool Post:   6
  Rotary Tools on the Gang Tool Post:    4
  Tools for Front Spindle:               4
  Tools for Back Spindle:                4

Tool Size:
  Gang Tool Post (tool):                 13 mm (.51")
  Sleeve:                                19.05 mm (.75")

Rapid Feed Rate: 
  X1,Y1 Axis:                            34 m/min (111.55 ft /min)
  Z1,Z2 Axis:                            32 m/min (104.99 ft /min)
  X2 Axis:                               32 m/min (104.99 ft /min)

  Main Spindle Drive:                    2.2/3.7 KW
  Rotary Tool Spindle Drive:             0.4 KW
  Back Spindle Drive:                    0.55/1.1 KW
  Input Power Capacity:                   8 KVA

Weight (approx):                         2,100 Kg (4,629.7 lbs)
Machinery Dimensions (aprox):            86" x 38" x 64"H

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