5/8"Dia, Iemca Genius 120/37, 12', 2001, Right to Left   Our stock number: 402453

5/8 Dia, Iemca Genius 120/37, 12', 2001, Right to Left

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*Genius series hood can be reversed for both right & left hand machines*  
Equipped with: 
   21mm channel set

General Specifications:
   Bar Diameter (round):                   1mm (.04") - 20 mm (.787")
   Bar Diameter (sq):                      1mm (.04") - 14mm (.551")
   Bar Diameter (hex):                     1mm (.04") - 17mm (29-32")
   Bar Length Capacity (min/max.):           =700mm (27.5") / 1900mm (6')
   Max. Remnant Length:                    400mm (15 3/4")
   Magazine Capacity:                      220mm (8.7")

   Total Power Required:                     =2kw (7 amps)
   Operating Voltage:                        =230 vac. 3 phase, 60 hz
   Control Voltage:                          =24 vdc
   Compressed Air Required:                90 psi 10cfm
   Weight (approx.):                         =1,300 lbs

*Originally Paired w/ Tornos Deco 10*

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