1 1/2" HANWHA XD38HII, Fanuc 32iB, 2014, B-Axis, 8-Axis, LNS Alpha 552 Bar Feed   Our stock number: 394577

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Equipped with:
    LNS Alpha 552 Magazine Bar Feed
    Full  C Axis on main and Sub Spindles
    Part Conveyor
    Light Tower
    DP Power Pump High Pressure Oil 8 port.
    Nakanishi High Speed Spindles
    Custom 3 position ID tool Block (also has the std 5 pos OEM Block)
    Fully Programmable B Axis (front and back)
                   Note: No mist collector - on a central system)
   Machine Options:
    Cut-off Tool Breakage Detector (H/W)
    M Code Air Blow  
    Pipe Type Ejection unit with tray
    JBS Adaptive Guide Bushing Unit
    CNC Status Notification Function
    Chamfering and Corner Rounding
    Tool Nose Radius Compensation
    Absolute Position Coders (Zero Return Not Necessary)
    Self-Diagnosis Function for Trouble Shooting
    Spindle Speed Synchronous Function
    Tape Code: EIA or ISO Automatic
    Rigid Tapping Cycle
    Canned Cycle for Drilling (G80 - G83)
    Helical Interpolation
    Polar Coordinate Positioning
    Crash Protection using Grids
    Automatic Tool Cut-off Macro
    Tool Life Management (Main and Sub)
    Manual Pulse Generator Program Check

Approx 1200 hours!

Price approx $370K new as configured

General Specifications per manufacturer's brochure:

Control:                                    Fanuc 32iB
Axes:                                       X1, Y1, Z1, C1, X2, Y2, Z2, C2
Max Turning Diameter:                       38mm
    OD Tools:                               5
    Front ID/BW:                            5
    Cross Tools:                            5 (3 Live on this B Axis version)
    Back Working:                           4 Driven positions
Main Spindle:
    Speed:                                  8,000 RPM
    Power:                                  5.5 / 7.5kW
Sub Spindle:
    Speed:                                  7,000 rpm
    Power:                                  2.2 /5.5 kW
Cross Drills:
    Speed:                                  8,000 rpm
    Power:                                  2.2 kW
Live BW Tools:
    Speed:                                  6,000 rpm
    Power:                                  1.0 kW
    Lubrication:                            1.8 L cap
                                            5 w
    Coolant:                                230 L
                                            0.9 kW
Weight (approx):                            3600 kg
                                            7937 lbs
Dimensions (approx):                        3020 x 1390 x 1745 mm
                                            119" x 55" x 68"

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