1-1/4", CITIZEN M32V, 2004, 10-axis, Gang & Turret Y-axis, Bar Loader   Our stock number: 402364

"To the best of our knowledge all details listed below are deemed correct.
It is the buyer's responsibility to confirm prior to purchase."

Equipped with (as per orig P.O. - to be confirmed by buyer):
    Iemca MiniBoss 432 Magazine Bar Feed, 12' cap, 
    Cool Blaster High Pressure Coolant System, 8 line
    No tooling for the turret is included

Approx 95,000 hours

General Specifications:
CNC Control:                                     Cincom M6B (mitsubishi) 
    Axes:   X1,Y1,Z1,C1,X2,Y2,Z2,C2,X3,X3 (misc Axes: TI, A1,A2,A3)

Max. machining diameter:                         1-1/4" (32mm)
Max. machining length per chucking:              12.59" (320mm)
Main spindle speeds:                             200 - 8000 rpm
Rotary tool speeds: (turret & gang plate):       250 - 5000 rpm
    max. chucking dia:                           1-1/4" (32mm)
    max. backwork length:                        5.70" (145mm)
    max. drilling/tapping:                       M8
    back spindle speeds:                         200 - 7000 rpm
Number of installable tools:
    turret tooling:                              10 (20 in half index mode)
    gang-tool tooling:                           5 turning + 4 rotary
    back working tool post:                      3 (plus rear facing tools on

Tool sizes:
    gang tooling:                                16mm x 16mm x 130mm
    turret tooling:                              16mm x 16mm x 90mm
      sleeve size:                               25.4mm diameter
    main spindle drive:                          5 / 7.5 hp
    rotary tool:                                 2 hp
    back spindle drive:                          2 / 3 hp
Dimensions (approx.):                            110" x 50" x 72"h
Height (approx.):                                6050 lbs.

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