8"x12", TSCHUDIN PL24, 2019 Mach Motion CNC Retrofit w/ warranty   Our stock number: 401759

8 x12 , TSCHUDIN PL24, 2019 Mach Motion CNC Retrofit w/ warranty

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8 x12 , TSCHUDIN PL24, 2019 Mach Motion CNC Retrofit w/ warranty8 x12 , TSCHUDIN PL24, 2019 Mach Motion CNC Retrofit w/ warranty8 x12 , TSCHUDIN PL24, 2019 Mach Motion CNC Retrofit w/ warranty
8 x12 , TSCHUDIN PL24, 2019 Mach Motion CNC Retrofit w/ warranty8 x12 , TSCHUDIN PL24, 2019 Mach Motion CNC Retrofit w/ warranty8 x12 , TSCHUDIN PL24, 2019 Mach Motion CNC Retrofit w/ warranty

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Proposal presented 2019 
   Manufacturer:                             Tschudin 
   Model:                                    PL 24 
   CNC Controls:                             New Mach Motion 2000G series
                                             2-axis Grinder CNC control
                                              system; includes Servos,
                                              and Electric panel 


Main Data
   Distance Between Centers  300mm
   Center Height Standard  100mm
   Grinding Length 200mm
Diameter grinding range
   Grinding Length:                          200mm
   Max Dia with new wheel:                   198mm
   Workpiece Weight between centers:         Kp 100
Wheel Head
   Grinding Wheel Dia:                       400mm 
   Motor Power:                              7.5 KW 
WheelHead Slide (X)
   Travel 340mm
Table Travel (Z) 
   Travel:                                   240mm 
Work Head
   Spindle Taper:                            Morse #5
   Swiveling Range:                          +30/-45

Equipped With:
   New MachMotion CNC controls 
   Wheel balancing system 
   Acoustics Gap/Crash Control 
   Sound enclosure w/ sliding doors
   Coolant paper filtration system

New Control System Summary:
   MachMotion 2000G Series 2 Axis Grinder Controls
   Large 21" Wide HMI with touch screen gives the operator easy to use Windows-

style one page navigation
   Rugged steel CNC control interface, liquid & dust resistant 
   Easy machine parameter back up on USB; never lose machine parameters
   Unlimited part file storage
   Minimal operator training required / minimal learning curve
Network Capabilities:
   Windows Ethernet Compatible; network to office (Windows Embedded) 
   External USB port, easy file transfer 

User Friendly Software Interface:
Our user friendly, tab-based interface makes it easy to switch between,

Machine Run Screen, Conversational, Grind Setup, Calibrate Screen, Fixtures

and Service Tab. Using the Touch screen you can access each page with one


NOTE: Specialty Process Conversational Screen options available. 

Example Conversational Programming User Interface:
   Grind Cycles Are Easily Programmed
   Saved as job file; Add, remove, or modify any operation at any time.
   Import and export operations; Reuse common features in all your parts
   All operations visualized in operation tree; Change order or disable any

   Part files saved and then called up and loaded with barcode scanner 

Fast Part Programming at Machine with a Blue Print / Part Drawing 
   Operator can walk up to CNC grinder with a blue print in hand, enter in the

part dimensions in to the conversational interface.

   The conversational interface will create the grind cycle instantly. 
   Visual Tool Path on run screen making it easy to verify correct grind cycle 

G-Code Grind Cycle interface included

MachMotion Controller has built in ready to go Macro-B OD/ID Grind cycles.

Cycles included (Macro-B Type Cycles):

Grinding Cycles
   Cycle-271 Left Side Wheel Definition 
   Cycle-272 Right Side Wheel Definition 
   Cycle-274 Multiple Plunge Grind 
   Cycle-276 Plunge Grind Start Position 
   Cycle-280 End Plunge Grind 
   Cycle-281 Traverse Grind Left Infeed
   Cycle 282 Traverse Grind Right Infeed 
   Cycle-284 Traverse Grind Left Right Feed 
   Cycle 281 - Infeeds in the Swing Position 1
   Cycle 282 - Infeeds in the Swing Position 2
   Cycle 284 - Infeeds in both Swing Positions

Dressing Cycles
   Cycle-260 Dressing the Circumference of the Wheel
   Cycle-261 Dressing the Left Face of the Wheel
   Cycle-262 Dressing the Right Face of the wheel 
   Cycle-263 Dressing the Wheels Circumference and Left Face
   Cycle-264 Dressing the Wheels Circumference and Right Face

Example Calibrate Part Setup Screen
Included Marposs Acoustic Sensors "Gap & Crash Control 
   Optimizes Cycle times and prevents Machines Crashes                           

   Gap Sensor for OD spindle                                         
   OD Grind Acoustic Sensors                                         

New AC Brushless Yaskawa Servos 
   X Axis 
   Z Axis  

Training at MachMotion
   Operator Training 
   1-2 Days 
   Travel costs (e.g. flights, housing, car rental) included

NOTE: Tech will work Monday - Friday; weekend charges will apply if required

Control System Warranty: One year 
Machine Warranty: 1 Month 
Support: Free Remote Support 

GRAND TOTAL:                                 $95,000
FOB: Newburg, MO
Excludes shipping, taxes, duties, or any other fees

Terms and Delivery
40 % deposit with confirming purchase order, due upon receipt
50 % due upon receipt before shipment
10 % Net 30 days after delivery to customer plant
P.O./Deposit required for delivery with 60-day 
Freight & Rigging is the responsibility of the customer/buyer
Insurance:  The buyer is responsible to ensure that the machine or part has

   adequate insurance coverage while in transport and being reconditioned

This quote is valid for 30 days from date of quote.
Machine are subject to prior sale.

Machine Dimensions & Weight (approx):
   Machine:                                  92" x 85" x 81" 7,000 lbs
   Control:                                  24" x 18" x 60" H; 300#
   Coolant Tank:                             34" x 83" x 28" 150 lbs (T-shape)
   Skid w/misc:                              72" x 40" x 52" 1,500 lbs

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