30"X, 16"Y, 20"Z, Haas VF-2SS, 2013, 12K RPM, Probing, P-Cool, 4th Drive   Our stock number: 401237

30 X, 16 Y, 20 Z, Haas VF-2SS, 2013, 12K RPM, Probing, P-Cool, 4th Drive

Specifications From OEM brochure and equipped with are decribed to the best of

our knowledge. ALL items should be confirmed by buyer.

Equipped With:
   Haas CNC Control
   High Speed Machining
   Chip Auger
   Wireless Probing
   Programmable Coolant
   4th Axis Drive
   750 MB Expandable Memory
   Early Power Fail Detector
   Remote Jog
   Rigid Tapping
   Throug Spindle Coolant
   Quick Code Programming
   High Intensity Lighting

General Specifications:
   X-Axis:                                  30"
   Y-Axis:                                  16"
   Z-Axis:                                  20"


   Length:                                  36"
   Width:                                   14"
   Max. Weight on Table:                    1,500 Lbs

   Speed:                                   12,000 Rpm
   Max. Rating:                             30 Hp
   Max. Torque:                             75 ft-lb @ 2,100 Rpm Feedrates


   Y-Axis:                                  1,400 Ipm
   Z-Axis:                                  1,400 Ipm
   Capacity:                                24+1
   Type:                                    CT40
   Power Requirements (min.):               195 - 260 VAC 3-Phase
   Weight (Approx.):                        8,000 Lbs


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