MIYANO BNJ51SY3, FANUC 18ITB, 8"Chk, 2", 2011, Sub Spindle, Live Tool, Y Axis   Our stock number: 401217

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Equipped with
 Fanuc Control
 Edge 12' Magazine Barfeed
 Chip Conveyor
 Misc OD & ID Tool Holder

 Misc. Live Tool Holders 

General Specifications
Bar Work Round collet capacity           2"
Chuck size, Main spindle                 6"
            Sub spindle                  5"
Work Length, Maximum work length         3.9"
Machining Capacity
   Maximum turning dia Main spindle      6"
   Max turning dia sub spindle           5"
Spindle speed range (inf variable)       67 to 5,000 RPM
Variable speed steps                     Direct drive
Spindle drive motor (30 minute rating)   AC 15 HP

Sub-Spindle (RIGHT)
Collet capacity                          2"
Spindle speed range (inf variable)       67 To 5,000 RPM
Spindle drive motor (variable speed)     AC 7.5 HP
Slide movement (X2 & Z2-axis)            NC Control
Slide stroke (X2-axis)                   2.75"
Slide stroke (Z2-axis)                   20.27"
Rapid traverse rate (X2-axis)            708 IPM
Rapid traverse rate (Z2-axis)            787 IPM

Number of tool stations                  12
Maximum slide stroke 
   X1-axis                               5.59"
   Z1-axis                               9.84"
   Y1-axis                               +/- 1.18"
Rapid traverse rate 
   X1-axis                               708 IPM
   Z1-axis                               708 IPM
   Y1-axis                               472 IPM
Turret indexing time                     0.2 Sec/pos.
Turret indexing type                     Bi-directional
Revolving tool attachment, main turret   3hp

Number of tool stations                  6
Turret indexing time                     0.2 Sec./pos.
Turret indexing type                     Bi-directional

Fanuc control has .....
   Overlapping control for simultaneous machining
   C-axis main & sub spindle control
   Rigid tap function for both spindles
   4-Axis simultaneous machining
   First and secondary operation can be performed simultaneously
   Free position indexing of each cutting tool
   Main & Sub spindle orientation for hexagon and square bar work part transfer
   Inner high pressure (160 psi) coolant/air for right spindle

Machine:  145" x 66" x 83.5" 10,150 lbs
Barfeed:  84" x 44" x 62" 800 lbs
Tepco Air Cleaner:  78" x 39.5" x 24.5" 350 lbs
Transformer:  31" x 30" x 30.5" 750 lbs
Tooling Crate w/misc:  30.5" x 18.5" x 29.5" 190 lbs

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