Crest Ultrasonic COC6-1218, 6 Stations, 10" x 14" x 10" (8" Liquid Depth)   Our stock number: 401060

Crest Ultrasonic COC6-1218, 6 Stations, 10 x 14 x 10 (8 Liquid Depth)

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Crest Ultrasonic COC6-1218, 6 Stations, 10 x 14 x 10 (8 Liquid Depth)Crest Ultrasonic COC6-1218, 6 Stations, 10 x 14 x 10 (8 Liquid Depth)

Specifications from OEM brochure and equipped with are described to the best

of our knowledge. ALL items should be verified by buyer.

Equipped With:
   Allen-Bradley SLC500 Control
   7 Wash Stations
   Off Load Station
   10" DOE Filter Housing with Pressure Guage
   CDA Filter Regulator
   HEPA Filter Chamber

General Specifications
   Station #1:                            Positioner Load Table
   Station #2 & #3:                       Ultrasonic Immersion Wash
   Station #4:                            Spray Over Immersion Rinse
   Station #5 & #6:                       Ultrasonic Immersion Rinse
   Station #7:                            Recirculating Hot Air Dryer
   Staiton #8:                            Positioner Unload Table

   Tank Dimensions:                       10" x 14" x 10" (Liquid Depth 8")
   Automation:                            CTS-250-AB-MMI Rigibot
   Lift Capacity:                         25 lbs

Travel Speed:
   Horizontal:                            39 FPM (Max)
   Vertical:                              17 FPM (Max)

Position Accuracy:
   Horizontal:                            +/- 0.3"
   Vertical:                              +/- 0.2"

Overall Dimensions:                       152" x 47" x 86"


Information collected from Crest:

What frequency are the ultrasonic generators capable of?  The system has 40

kHz.  Other frequencies 58 and 132 kHz could be used but tanks and generators

would need replacement.

Can they accommodate multi frequency sweep recipes/programs?  All frequencies

mentioned are the resonate frequencies built for the specific transducer. . 

The generator sweeps the frequency around the resonance +/- 2kHz to prevent

standing waves.  

What chemistry or process was on the system previously (what chemicals were

used, what decontamination was completed)?  The system used an alkaline PH 10

cleaner designed to split off oil residual.  There is not a specific concern

related to residual.  The system only needs a good flushing and should be

ready to go for a new chemistry to be used.

What are the specs for temp control range and pumping flow rate? Temp range

100F to 170F on the wet process tanks and up to 180F in the dryer.  Wash tank

pump and filter loop works at about a 5 GPM flow rate and can be dropped by

adjusting valves in the pump and filter loop.

What would the lead time be for incorporation of a robotic system? The robotic

will take a 3-4 weeks.

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