6" x 10", Haas TR160, Brushless, Sigma 1 Motor   Our stock number: 401055

6 x 10 , Haas TR160, Brushless, Sigma 1 Motor

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6 x 10 , Haas TR160, Brushless, Sigma 1 Motor

Specifications from OEM brochure and equipped with are described to the best

of our knowledge. ALL items should be verfied by buyer.

Equipped With:
   Brushless Style
   Sigma 1 Motor

General Specifications:
   Platter Diameter:                      6.30" (160mm)
   Part Swing Max:                        10.45"

Spindle A (Tilt)
   Torque:                                150 Ft. lbs.
   Backlash:                              30 Arc-Sec
   Gear Ratio:                            63:1
   Timing:                                2:1
   Brake Torque @ 100 PSI:                200 Ft. lbs

Spindle B (Rotary)
   Speed:                                 001 - 80 Degrees/Seconds
   Torque:                                100 Ft. lbs
   Gear Ratio:                            63:1
   Brake Torque @ 100 PSI:                100 Ft. lbs

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