53" x 160" cc, Poreba TR135B2/4M, 1988, Tailstock, 39" Chuck, QC Toolpost   Our stock number: 401049

53 x 160 cc, Poreba TR135B2/4M, 1988, Tailstock, 39 Chuck, QC Toolpost

Specifications from OEM brochure and equipped with is described to the best of

our knowledge. ALL items should be verified by buyer.

Equipped With:
   2-Axis DRO
   Taper Turning Attachment
   Inch/Metric Threading
   Power Compund for Taper Turning
   Heavy Duty 2 Speed Tailstock
   6 Way Power Rapid Traverse
   2 Steady Rests
   Thread Dial
   Quick Change Tool Post
   Pendant Control on Carriage
   Coolant Pump

General Specifications:
   Swing Over Bedways:                    54"
   Swing Over Cross Slide:                42"
   Swing In Removal Gap:                  64"
   Spindle Speed:                         500 RPM
   Spindle Thru Hole:                     4.75"
   Chuck Size:                            39.5" 4-Jaw
   Electrical:                            27/41 Kw/380 Volt (440 Transformer)

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