JF BERNS SERVO AUTO CHAMP 2, 0.100" - 3" diameter Range (New)   Our stock number: 400841

JF BERNS SERVO AUTO CHAMP 2, 0.100 - 3 diameter Range (New)

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JF BERNS SERVO AUTO CHAMP 2, 0.100 - 3 diameter Range (New)JF BERNS SERVO AUTO CHAMP 2, 0.100 - 3 diameter Range (New)

JF Berns is now on our third release of machines with continued excellent

reviews. They also made some informal training videos which will give you an

idea of how the machine operates.  Note that the speed of the chamfers have

not been optimized for these videos, more just showing how to setup and

operate.  If you would like to check them out you can download or view them

from our dropbox account:

Servo Auto Champ 2 Features:
  Solid design, rugged construction for chatter free operation
  In-line 4:1 planetary gearbox spindle
      Taper Roller Bearings
  Cat 40 taper style tool holder for repeatable concentric tool change
     (not interchangeable with other manufacturer's Cat 40 tooling)
  Standard 2HP Spindle Motor (3HP Motor optional)
  Accurate ball screw servo drive
  Yaskawa: Top quality/super reliable servo motor Brand
  Wide base, quality pre-loaded THK linear bearings/blocks
  Tooling cintainment feature
  Standard carbide inserts (with multiple cutting edges) used for standard

  Adjustable part stop for longer tools (mechanical)
  Adjustable bar stick-out position (programmable)
  Narrow profile self-centering clamping (engineered just for this 
  No clamping change out parts required (no collets for standard bar diameter

  Always concentric clamping even if bar diameter varies
  Improved chip management
  Large chip chute
  7" TFT color touch screen
  20 recipe storage standard
  Quick changeovers with teach function
  Electronic hand wheel adjustment
  Programmable spindle speed
  Programmable feed speeds
  Programmable depth of cut
  Auto bar detect - no operator pushbutton or foot pedal to initiate cycle
  Chamfer 30, 45, 60 and special angles available
  Other available tools: Face, Face and Chamfer, Turn and Chamfer (up to 2.50"

turn length), ID/OD/Face tube head, center drill, drill, radius and special

designed profile tools.
  Centerline height 41"
  Optional equipment: Micro-drop mister, Auto Micro-drop mister, 3HP spindle

motor, larger servo, 460V supply, Castors, 100 recipe storage, adjustable bar

stand, Adjustable V-Channel lead in bracket, hanging chip bin.
  Designed and manufactured in  Cincinnati, Ohio!
  Quality manual, parts list, and support

Part Range:

Diameter:               Round:     0.10" - 3.00"  Standard*
  *0.10" - 0.24" requires a small stock collet adapter per diameter, 0.25"-

3.00" no change parts required!

                                   0.625" - 3.50" Optional -

With jaw change (must be ordered in this configuration)

                         Hex:      0.25" - 3.00" 
Standard, no collets required

                      Square:      0.25" - 2.00" 
Requires a square stock collet adapter per size

              Minimum Length:      4.00"  
(Parts 2" - 2.9" may be front loaded with an optional back stop)

             Maximum Length:       None

*** All prices subject to change without notice ***


SAC2-CHF-30        30 Degree Chamfer tool for Servo Auto Champ 2   $   435.00
SAC2T-CHF-45       45 Degree Chamfer tool for Servo Auto Champ 2   $   435.00
SAC2T-FCL-CHF30    Face and Chamfer large, up to 2.562" face       $   975.00
                   with 30 degree chamfer
SAC2T-FCL-CHF45    Face and Chamfer large, up to 2.562" face       $   975.00
                   with 45 degree chamfer
SAC2T-TC-1.00      Turn and Chamfer tool for Servo Auto Champ 2.   $   475.00
                   Turn length of 1" with a 30 degree chamfer.
SAC2T-TUBE-ID-OD-FC Tubing head, ID chamfer / OD Chamfer & Facing  $ 1,097.00

SAC2O-JC-3.5       Jaw Change to make the machine work with bars   $   345.00
                   0.5" - 3.50" in diameter
460VAC Supply      460VAC, 3Phase supply voltage                   $   875.00
Variable Speed     Variable speed inverter, speed controlled       $ 1,395.00
                   through touch screen (highly recc)
Servo Upgrade      Larger servo motor, suggested for hard          $   975.00
                   materials, deep cuts and multiple cutting 
                   edged tools
3HP Spindle Motor  Upgrade from a 2HP spindle motor to a 3HP       $   895.00
                   motor. For deep cuts and hard materials.
LED Light          Rugged LED light inside guarding to increase    $   295.00
                   work space visability.
Auto Cutting Oil   Cutting oil or coolant Micro-Drops for deep     $   995.00
 Micro Drop        chamfers, increased tool life. Includes method
                   so that the unit turns on automatically when
                   doing a chamfering cycle
V-Support lead-in  Adjustable 8" long V-Channel to help guide the  $   695.00
                   bar through the chuck jaws.
Bar Support Stand  Bar support stand, 1600 lbs capacity            $   235.00
Chip Bin           Removable chip bin. Tool-less attachement to    $   495.00
                   side ofmachine, does not sit on floor.
Casters            Locking casters added to base feet              $   935.00
Alternating Cuts   Program update. Adds mode where the chamfer     $   575.00
                   depth alternates every other cut between 2 
Small Stock Collet Diameters below 3/16" will require a small      $   325.00
                   stock collet for clamping. One is required for
                   each diameter.
Square Stck Collet Square bars require a square stock collet for   $   325.00
                   clamping. One is required for each square stock size
Heat Treated Crate Full Crate, heat treated. Some countries        $   365.00
                   require this process on any wood coming into 
                   their country

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