1-5/8", Citizen FL42IV, Mitsubishi, 2005, Iemca Loader,Tooling   Our stock number: 400726

"Specifications are From OEM Brochure and Equipped with items are described to

the best of our knowledge. ALL ITEMS SHOULD BE CONFIRMED BY BUYER"

Equipped With:
    =Mitsubishi CNC Control
    Iemca Magazine Bar Loader 
    =Misc Live & static Turret Tooling

General Specifications As Per Brochure (Please Verify Details):

Machining Diameter:                         1.65"
Machining Length:                           3.15"
Main Spindle through hole diameter:         1.82"
Main & Sub-spindle Speed:                   6,000 rpm
Chucking Diameter of Back Spindle:          1.69"
Machining Length w/Back Spindle:            3.15"
# of Mountable Tools:                       12/24
Turning Tool Size:                          5/8"
Rapid Traverse Rate:
     X1/Z1/X2:                              1,000 ipm
     X2                                     750 ipm
Least Input Increments (X1/Z0/Z2)           0.0001"
Main Spindle Drive Motor:                   10/15 HP
Rotary Tool Drive Motor:                    1.3 HP
Back Spindle Drive Motor:                   3/5 HP
Power Consumption:                          12 KVA
Dimensions (approx.):                       89.84"l x 66.59"h
Weight (approx.):                           5,620 lbs

Equipped With:
     Mitsubishi CNC Control
     2007 Edge FMB Turbo 5-55 Magazine Bar Loader
     Cool Blaster Mist Control 850
     Chip Conveyor
     Part Numbers for Tooling
      d920.14C 7G003M / d920.14C 51012M
      Hi-Q / ER25
      Hi-Q / ER16
      d920.11C 7J003M / d920.13C 7G015M
      d940.01C 8F001M
      d910.01C 51002M
      d83.04C 6D002M
      d85.04C 2F010M

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