Ganesh Genturn 52-BY2, Mitsubishi M270, 2", B-Axis, Dual Y-Axis, NEW   Our stock number: 400531

Ganesh Genturn 52-BY2, Mitsubishi M270, 2 , B-Axis, Dual Y-Axis, NEW

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Equipped With:
 Mitsubishi M720 CNC Control
 Dual Y-Axis & C-Axis
 (2) Traub 52 "Dead Length" Collet Chucks
 Automatic Power Shut Down
 36-Tool Positions
(Including 12-ER-20 Driven Tools with 12 B-Axis "Any Angle" Tools
 Parts Catcher with Parts Conveyor
 Barrel Height Chip Conveyor
 Barloader Interface
 Headwall Air Blast and Coolant Outlets for Main and Sub Spindle
 Sub-Spindle Programmable Air Blast
 Oil Flush
 Finished Parts Ejector
 Coolant Oil Chiller Unit
 Four 1 HP Coolant Pumps


 Maximum bar diameter:               A2-5 Spindle with 2.008" (51 mm) bar cap

 Collet size / Spindle bearings:     Traub TRB-52 / 5x90mm ball bearings

                                     (3-front, 2-rear)  
 Maximum spindle speed:              6,000 RPM (Integral Motor Spindle)
 Servo Spindle motor horsepower:     15-HP (11kw) peak, 10-HP (7.5kw) 30-min.

X1, Y1, Z1 axis servo motor:         X1= 1.3 hp. (1.0kw) Y1/Z1= 2.0 hp. (1.5kw)
X1 axis travel:                      10.63" (270mm)
Y1 axis travel:                      18.11" (460mm)
Z1 axis travel:                      9.84" (250mm)
Minimum programmable input:          0.00004" resolution (0.001mm)
X1, Y1, Z1 rapid travel rate:        1181 IPM (30m/min) / 0.0001 mm resolution
X2, Y2, Z2 axis servo motor:         X2/Z2 =1.3 hp.(1.0kw) Y2 =2.0 hp.(1.5kw)

X2 axis travel:                      18.89" (480mm)
Y2 axis travel:                      18.11" (460mm)
Z2 axis travel:                      10.63" (270mm)
X2, Y2, Z2 rapid travel rate:        1181 IPM (30m/min) 
Minimum programmable input:          0.0001" (0.001mm = 40 millionths inch

Ballscrew diameter:                  25mm diameter with 10mm pitch

Number of driven tools:              6 axial & 6 radial driven and "Any-Angle"

Driven tool motor power:             5-HP (3.5kw)
Driven tool spindle speed:           2,500 RPM maximum driven tool speed

Driven tool collet size:             ER-20 collet spindles (up to 1/2" shank)

O.D. turning tools:                  5-20mm O.D. turning tool holders avail.

I.D. boring tools:                   5-25mm I.D. bores available for bushings

Maximum bar diameter:                2.008" (51 mm)
Collet size:                         Traub TRB-52
Maximum spindle speed:               6,000 RPM (Integral Motor Spindle)
Servo Spindle motor horsepower:      15-HP (11kw) peak, 10-HP (7.5kw) 30-min.

Number of axial driven tools:        3 axial driven tools, uses ER-20 collets 
Number of radial driven tools:       3 radial driven tools, uses ER-20 collets
Driven tool motor power:             2.7-HP (2.0kw)
Driven tool spindle speed:           3,000 RPM maximum driven tool speed

Driven tool collet size:             ER-20 collet spindles (up to 1/2" Shank)

O.D. turning tools:                  4 - 20mm O.D. turning tool holders

I.D. boring tools:                   4 - 25mm I.D. bores available for bushing

Coolant System:                      80 Gallon tank, 4-coolant pumps

Electrical Requirement:              110-Amps, 42kva, 220 vac  5%, 3-phase
Air Requirements:                    85 psi, 20-cfm

Machine Dimensions:                  110" x 85" x 82"
Machine Weight:                      12,345 lbs

 Genturn 52-BY2 9-Axis Mill/Turn Center Production Package
(Base Package with Short Bar Loader Installed (Spindle Liner & Coolant

Collector)                                                        $219,990.00

 High Production Package
(Includes Edge Patriot 551 Automatic Bar Loader with Spindle Liner, Installed)

 Factory machine installation: "Peace-of-Mind Factory Installation" 
(Includes Expenses):                                              $2,995.00

 Factory on-site 3-day machine operation and program training

(includes expenses):                                              $3,995.00

 Mistbuster-850 Mist Filtration System - installed:               $3,495.00

 Fire Suppression System - with custom installation & interface:  $7,495.00

(A Self-activating fire suppression system used to suppress fires inside of

the machine in just seconds..  Uses an extinguishing agent that does not

require cleanup.  Ideal for lights out machining. Please see fire waiver in

Ganesh terms and conditions.)

 Voltage Stabilizer, for areas with an unstable power source:     P.O.R.
 Transformers - specify source voltage:                           P.O.R
 Royal Rota Rack Parts Accumulator:                               P.O.R

*Barfeeder Inteface Included with Machine Package*

For Collets, Bushings, Bore Bar Sleeves, Spindle liners, cutting tools,

machine options etc.

$2500 Tooling Certificate 
$5000 Tooling Certificate 
$10,000 Tooling Certificate 

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