Ganesh Genturn 52/65MSY, Fanuc 0i-TF, 8"Chk, 2 1/2", 2018, Y-Axis, Tool Setter   Our stock number: 400523

Ganesh Genturn 52/65MSY, Fanuc 0i-TF, 8 Chk, 2 1/2 , 2018, Y-Axis, Tool Setter

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Equipped With:
 FANUC 0i-TF CNC Control
 Renishaw Automatic Tool Setter (Main Spindle)
 Renishaw Manual Tool Setter (Sub Spindle)
 Parts Catcher, Parts Ejector & Barfeed Interface
 8" 3-Jaw Hydraulic Chuck for Main Spindle with 52mm (2.04") bore
 6" 3-Jaw Hydraulic Chuck for Sub-Spindle with 45mm (1.77") bore
 One set of Hard Jaws and one set of Soft Jaws included for each chuck
 Spindle Synchronizing Macro M250 for Fully-Synchronized Pick-Off
 Chuck Footswitches for Main & Sub-spindles
 Heat Exchanger for Electrical Cabinet
 Machine Interior LED Worklight
 Tri-Color Machine Status Display Lamp
 Programmable Air Blast for Main & Sub-Spindle
 Belt-Type Chip Conveyor with 44" Discharge Height
 2-Year FANUC Control, Motors, & Drives Warranty

 6 - Static 3/4" O.D. Holders:  1- Extended Blade Style Cutoff Tool Holder
(3 - O.D. Holders + 1-Facing holder + 1-double-sided holder)

 6 - Static 1-1/4" I.D. Holders  *EC=external coolant, IC=Internal coolant*
(3 EC Toolholders, 2 IC Toolholders, 1-double-sided IC Toolholder)


Swing over Bed:                             24.4" (620mm)         
Cutting Diameter - Main & Subspindle:       10.6" (270mm)
Cutting Length:                             20.1" (510mm)
Minimum Distance between Main & Sub Chuck Faces                   1.4" (36mm)

SPINDLE - Full Contouring Capability with 0.001 Resolution & 360,000 Radial.
 Spindle Motor Horsepower 
(Dual Wound FANUC 11/15kw):                 25-HP Peak, 20-HP 15min/hr Duty
 Spindle Speed:                             4,500 RPM with NSK Spindle Bearing

 Spindle Torque Maximum:                    94 ft. lbs. (127Nm)

 Spindle Nose:                              A2-6 (4-bearing spindle)
 Spindle Bearing Diameter:                  4.0" (100mm)
 Spindle Through Hole:                      2.4" (61mm) 
 Bar Capacity (56mm in draw tube):          2.047" (52mm) (2.51",65mm Option)

 Chuck Diameter with 2.04" through-hole:    8.26" (Auto Strong N-208)

 Spindle Center Height:                     46"

(Full contouring capability with 0.001 resolution and 360,000 Radial


 Spindle Motor Horsepower-FANUC 5.5/7.5kw:  15-HP Peak, 10-HP 15-minute Rating

 Spindle Torque Maximum:                    56 ft. lbs. (76Nm)
 Spindle Speed:                             4,500 RPM
 Spindle Nose:                              110mm Flat Nose Spindle

 Spindle Bearing Diameter:                  3" (80mm)
 Bar Capacity (in draw tube):               1.77" (45 mm) 
 Chuck Diameter w/ 1.77"/45mm through-hole: 6.65" (Auto Stron N-206)

 X-Axis Travel:                             8.7" (220mm)
 Y-Axis Travel:                             4.3" (+2.2" (110 +55mm))
 Z-Axis Travel:                             22"  (560mm)
 B-Axis Travel:                             22"  (560mm)
 C-Axis Resolution (Main/Sub):              0.001 Deg. (36,000 Radial Pos.
 Ballscrew Diameter/Pitch Rate (All Axis):  32mm / 10mm Pitch
 Axis Drive Motors (X&Z):                   2.4 HP (1.8Kw)
 Axis Thrust (X&Z):                         3690 lbs Thrust
 Rapid Traverse (X,Z,B):                    1181 IPM (30m/min)
 Rapid Traverse (Y):                        394  IPM (10m/min)
 Input Unit:                                0.0001" (0.001mm/40 Millionths")

 Guide Ways/Slant Bed Angle 
(Y-Axis 45 Deg):                            Rexroth 35mm Roller Bearing Ways
                                            (30 Degrees)

 Tool stations:                             12-Stations

                                            (tang-drive for driven tools)
 Tool Index Time 
(Adjacent Tool Station / 180 Deg. Index):   0.15 Sec./0.5 Sec Tool to Tool

 O.D. Tooling 
(20mm when specified for metric users)      3/4" square shank tools 
 I.D. Tooling 
(32mm when specified for metric users):     1.25" 
 Driven Tool System/Power (Sauter BMT-45):  BMT-45 / 7.5-Horsepower (5.5kw)
 Driven Tool rotary speed/rotary torque:    6,000 rpm / 28 ft. lbs., (35Nm)

Power Requirements (40kVa):                 220vac +5%, 26kw, 83-full-load 

Floor Space Requirements:                   128' x 78" x 84"
                                            (+ 30" for Chip Conveyor)

Machine Weight:                             8,820 lbs. (4000 Kg)

Hydraulic Motor Power / Pressure / Oil:     2-H.P. / 600 PSI / Mobil #24 Oil

Coolant Pump Power / Pressure / Capacity:   1.5-HP / 45 PSI (3 Bar) / 50 Gal.

 WTO Optional Driven Toolholder Package:
(2 - BMT-45 Axial Driven & 2 - BMT-45 Radial Driven Toolholders): $9,990.00

 Upgrade to 65 MSY (65mm)
(2-1/2" Bar Capacity Spindle( (Chuck Also Has 2.5" Bore):         $9,990.00

 Mistbuster-850 Mist Oil Filtration System (Installed):           $3,495.00
 150 PSI Coolant Pump (9.5 bar, 2.2-HP):                          $2,995.00

 Coolant Oil Skimmer:                                             $995.00
 Coolant Chiller Unit:                                            P.O.R.
 Parts Conveyor:                                                  $2,995.00

 Automatic Operator Door 
(Pneumatic operated programmable operator door):                  $2,995.00

 Transformer & Voltage Stabilizers: 
(to maintain 220 vac operating voltage)                           P.O.R.

 2-Year Machine Warranty                                          $5,995.00

S-20 Collet Chuck - (2" capacity - uses S20 collet pads):         $4,490.00

S-26 Collet Chuck - (2-1/2" capacity - uses S26 collet pads):     $4,490.00

Royal Quick-Grip QG-65 Accu-Length Collet Chuck 
(2-5/8" capacity - uses QG-65 Collets):                           $3,680.00

Royal Quick-Grip QG-65 - manual collet installation tool:         $550.00
Royal Quick-Grip QG-65 - pneumatic collet installation tool:      $1,164.00

BMT-45 WTO straight-driven tool holder with ER-20 collet seat:    $1,995.00

BMT-45 WTO 90-driven tool holder with ER-20 collet seat:          $2,995.00

Bag Filter - For filtering fine chips for driven tool passages
(fits on coolant pump inlet):                                     $695.00

For Collets, Bushings, Bore Bar Sleeves, Spindle liners, cutting tools,

machine options etc.

$2500 Tooling Certificate 

$5000 Tooling Certificate 

$10,000 Tooling Certificate 

**Barfeeder Interface Included with the Machine Package**

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