Ganesh Genturn 32-CS, Super 900T, 1 3/8", 7-Axis, Twin Spindle, Dual "C", NEW   Our stock number: 400464

Ganesh Genturn 32-CS, Super 900T, 1 3/8 , 7-Axis, Twin Spindle, Dual C , NEW

All Information From OEM Brochure Should Be Verified By Buyer:

Equipped With (Standard):
 Parts catcher and finished parts fabric conveyor-belt with Parts Catcher

 Automatic Chip Auger or Belt-Style Chip Conveyor and Wheeled Chip Cart.
 Dead-Length (1-1/4") Collet Systems for Both Main and Subspindle (1-3/8"

 Sub-Spindle Programmable Air Blast, Oil Flush and Finished Parts Ejector.
 Automatic Barfeed Interface, Barfeed Connector, Tool Box & Tool Kit.
 Dual 3/4"HP 50 PSI Coolant Pumps with Double Coolant Filtration & Coolant

Flow Monitoring.
 ER-20 Collet Extensions - Total of 6 Single-End ER-20 Collet Extensions
 11 Live-Tool ER-20 Gear-Driven Collet Spindles & 4-Sets of Spare M-Codes
 Bright LED Work Area Illumination Light and a Moveable Halogen Lamp for Tool

 Torque Sensing - Programmable for Desired Tools and Cuts.


Main Spindle:
 Maximum RPM / Spindle Bearing:  6,000 RPM/5 Bearing Spindle
                                 3 Front/ 2 Rear/ 110mm
 Spindle Motor:                  10 HP/ 3,000 RPM Spindle Motor
                                 2:1 Pully Ratio
 Collet Nose:                    Brown & Sharpe #22 or Traub A-32
 Drawtube Bore:                  1.456"  (37mm)
 Maximum Barstock Diameter:      1.25"   (32mm) Standard
                                 1.375"  (36mm) w/ Adapter
 X-axis Travel:                  7.28    (185mm)
 Y-axis Travel 
(True Y-Axis, Not Compound Y):   19.29"  (490mm)
 Z-Axis Travel:                  6.50"   (165mm)
 Rapid Travel Speed (X,Y,Z):     1,181 IPM                  (30m/minute)
 Minimum Input Unit:             40 Millionths              (0.01mm)
 OD Turning Tool Positions:      6 OD Tools (1/2" or 12mm)
                                 (5-5/8" Tool Plate Available)
 OD Turning Tool Size:           1/2" or 12mm-5/8" or 16mm Optional
 ID Turning Tool Bore Size:      25mm
 ID Turning Tool Positions:      5 ID Tools
 Spindle Center Height:          40"     (1015mm)

Sub Spindle:
Sub Spindle RPM / Spindle Bearing:       6,000 RPM/4 Bearing
                                 Quad Duplex Pair Configuration
Sub Spindle Motor:               5HP/3,000 RPM Spindle Motor
                                 2:1 Pully Ratio
Collet Nose:                     Brown & Sharpe #22 or Traub A-32 
Maximum Barstock Diameter:       1.250" in Collet Chuck
                                 (1.080" (27.5mm) Pass Through)
X-axis Travel:                   11.53"  (293mm)
Z-axis Travel:                   11.61"  (295mm)
ID Turning Tool Bore Size:               25mm
Air Blast nozzle:                Included
Minimum Input Unit:              0.0001" (0.001mm)
Finished Parts Ejector/Catcher/Conveyor: Included

Live Tooling (All Tools are Gear Driven w/ 42mm Bearings - No Belts!):

Cross Slide Live Tools:          4-ER-20 Cross Slide Live Tools
                                 4,000 RPM, 2HP (1.5kw)

Front Slide Live Tools:          3-ER-20 Front Slide Live Tools
                                 4,000 RPM, 1HP (0.75kw)

Live Tool Collet Size:           ER-20 Collet, 1/2" (.5-13mm)

                                 Tool Shank Capacity

Machine Dimensions:
Machine Length:                  101"    (2420mm)
                                 (Additional 36" w/ Chip Conveyor
Machine Depth:                   68"     (1500mm)
Machine Height:                  80"     (1985mm)
Machine Weight:                  8,000 lbs                  (3,628 kgs)
Coolant Pump:                    Dual 50PSI, 3/4HP for Main/Sub Spndl
Coolant Tank Capacity:           80-Gallon
Lubrication Distribution:        Way Lube at 3-6 cc/15 Minute Cycle
Air Requirements:                85-PSI at 10-CFM
Machine Power Requirements:      220VAC +5%/63-Amps/3-Phase/60Hz

Genturn-32 CS Grand Package
 With Edge Patriot 338 12' Automatic Barloader Installed at your facility.
 Iscar Start-up tooling package, Mistbuster-850 Mist Filtration System. 
 MP-Systems 4-Port 1,000 PSI High Pressure system installed.
 10-piece Traub A-32 Collet Set.

Factory machine installation: "Peace-of-Mind Factory Installation" - includes

expenses:                                $2,995.00

Factory on-site 3-day machine operation and program training - includes

expenses:                                $3,995.00

Extra M-Codes (Total of 8-sets of I/O):                     $1,495.00

Voltage Stabilizer:                      $2,995.00

Robotic Unload Part Removal Gripper Arm (5-32mm capacity) w/parts conveyor

TURBO Chip Conveyor with fine chip filtration (recommended for brass chips)

**Coolant options: Cutting oil is recommend but the use of water soluble

coolant is also acceptable**

MP-Systems 4-Port Programmable 1,000 PSI High Pressure Coolant System 

Fire Suppression System - w/custom installation & interface
 A self activating fire supression system used to supress fires inside of the
machine in just seconds. Uses an extinguishing agent that does not require
cleanup. Ideal for lights out machining. Please see fire waiver in Ganesh

terms and conditions.                    $7,495.00

MISTBUSTER-850 Coolant Filtration Unit - installed:         $3,495.00

Oil Chiller System (18,000 BTU's) use when high machining accuracy is required

Parts Unloader Gripper
(Recommended for longer parts or sensitive parts that could be damaged by the

parts catcher)                           $6,995.00

Long Parts Ejection System
(For ejecting long parts up to O1" x 32" through the sub-spindle and out of

the back of the machine. (Note: Only suitable for use with chip auger)

Royal Roto-Rack (Rotary Parts Accumulator)                  POR

 ISCAR Start-Up Tooling Package (1/2") Toolholders:         $1,995.00
 ISCAR Start-Up Tooling Package (5/8") Toolholders          $2,495.00

 EACH                            TOOL                       # OF INSERTS
 1                               80 Deg. Isoturn Holder     10
 1                               55 Deg. Isoturn Holder     10
 1                               35 Deg. Isoturn Holder     10
 1                               Pentacut Holder            5
 1                               Heli-Grip Holder           5
 1                               Tang-Grip                  5
 1                               Iscarthread                5

Double-ended ER-20 Collet chucks (static Mill/Drill tools for sub-spindle use)

ER-20 Collet Set:                12 Pieces                  $285.00

NSK and IBAG High-Speed Pneumatic and Electric Driven Tools: POR

 (2) Spindle +180 Deg. Adjustable Angle Mill/Drill Holder
 ER-11 Collets
 Uses Stations T21,24 and 28:                               $5,650.00

(2) Spindle Cross Milling Holder
(2) ER-16 Collet Spindles (6,000 RPM Speed Limit)
(Tool #11 Only - Turning Tool Block will Need to be Modified)

(5) ER-16 Front Facing Driven Tool Holders
32mm Centers & (5) ER-11 Rear Driven Spindles               $9,000.00
**Includes a total of 5 front & rear facing 25mm tool mounting bores for fixed
tools on 40mm centers**

Turning Tool Holder 1/2" (12mm) for use on subspindle tool block in lieu of

driven tool #31:                                            $250.00

Boring Tool Holder (12mm) for use on subspindle tool block in lieu of a driven

tool:                                                       $250.00

Slotting Tool Holder, max 1.5" cutter diameter, 1/2" (12.7mm) arbor
(3,000 RPM limit):                                          $3,150.00

Right Angle ER-16 driven tool for inboard sub-spindle tool station #31
(3,000 RPM limit):                                          $2,750.00

For Collets, Bushings, Bore Bar Sleeves, Spindle liners, cutting tools,

machine options etc.
$2500 Tooling Certificate, 

$5000 Tooling Certificate, 

$10,000 Tooling Certificate, 

*Machine operation and service manuals are provided with each machine in

 electronic format on USB memory stick* 
*Printed manuals are also available for your use for a $150 printing fee*


Lifetime FREE Training:
Ganesh Machinery offers a 3-day training program for

all production CNC machines at our training center. The intense training

program includes basic manual programming, machine setup, operation, and

operator level maintenance for those with a working knowledge in the

programming & setup of CNC machines. Training does not cover CAD/CAM systems

or Manual Guide-i type of programming.  There is no charge for the training

program at Ganesh for our customers.  Turn-key projects and on-site training

are an available option charged at the prevailing hourly rate.  

1 full year Ganesh parts and labor warranty on the machine and 1-

year CNC control & drives.

Service and Parts: 
Ganesh or your authorized Ganesh trained servicing dealer

provides installation and service.  Spare parts are stocked at Ganesh in

Chatsworth to support your continued machine operation.

F.O.B. Point: Machines ship F.O.B. Ganesh Machinery from Chatsworth, CA 91311

Payment Terms:

20% down payment with your Purchase Order secures the machine.

70% is due prior to machine shipment, and the 10% balance is due net-30 days

after installation.  Or the machine can be financed with a Ganesh approved

lender.  Leases with $1.00 buyout are available upon approved credit.  

Delivery Schedule: Delivery is stock to 12-weeks, subject to prior sales.

Purchase is governed by the Ganesh Machinery terms and conditions of sale.


Prices and specifications subject to change without prior notice.

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