24.01"X, 15.75"Y, 17.72"Z, Ganesh Genmill 2416, NEW, 12,000 RPM, Mits 830   Our stock number: 400443

24.01 X, 15.75 Y, 17.72 Z, Ganesh Genmill 2416, NEW, 12,000 RPM, Mits 830

All Information From OEM Brochure Should Be Verified By Buyer:

Equipped With:
 12,000 RPM Direct-Drive Beltless Spindle
 "Big-Plus" Dual-Contact High Performance Precision Spindle
 24-Tool High Speed Twin Arm Tool Changer
 32-GB Solid State Data Server Intergral to CNC Control
 Chip Wash Down Coolant System 
 300 PSI (20-Bar) "Through-the-Spindle" Coolant System
 Full Machine Enclosure with Top Covers (precut for exhaust duct)
 Spindle Air Blast by M-Code
 Spindle Oil Cooler - Thermostatically controlled
 Remote Operator MPG Hand wheel
 High Speed Synchronous Rigid Tapping
 Dual LED High-Intensity Worklamps
 32GB Solid State Data Server
 6-Thru-Tool-Coolant Pull Studs

Axis Travel
 X-Axis:                              24.01"             610mm
 Y-Axis:                              15.75"             400mm
 Z-Axis:                              17.72"             450mm
 Spindle to Rotary Table Surface:     5.11-22.83"        130-580mm
 Spindle Center to Z Way Covers:      15.35"             390mm (Troat)

 Table Size:                          25.59" x 15.75"    650mmx400mm
 T-Slot Width (3 T-Slots Total):      18mm               100mm Centers
 Table Load:                          882 lbs            400 kgs load

 Spindle Motor:                       15 HP S3 Power     10HP 30-Min

 Spindle Speed:                       12,000 RPM         (15,000 Optional)
 Tool Type:                           CAT #40 Taper      BT#40 Optional
 Retention System/Holding Capability  BellVille Spring Stack (1650-1760 lbs)
 Spindle Runout:                      <0.000040" TIR
 Spindle Bearings - Rear:             95mm NSK70BNR      2-P4 Class 7 Bearing
 Spindle Bearings - Front:            95mm NSK70BNR      2-P4 Class 7 Bearing
 Retention Knob:                      C40-4502H (Coolant)

Axis Feeds
 Rapid Traverse (X,Y):                1,417 IPM          36m/minute
 Rapid Traverse (Z):                  1,260 IPM          32m/minute
 Cutting Feedrate:                    0.02-393 IPM       10m/minute
 Axis Drive Motor Power (X,Y/Z):      2.7/3.35 HP        2.0/2.5kw
 Ballscrews (X,Y,Z):                  32mm Ballscrews    12mm Pitch
 Linear Ways (X,Y,Z):                 30/35/35mm
 Least Input Command Increment:       0.0001"/0.000040"  0.001mm(40 Millionth)
 Accuracy X,Y,Z Axis (JIS6338):       +0.0002"/12"       +0.005mm Over 300mm
 Repeatability X,Y,Z Axis (JIS6338):  +0.0001"/12"       +0.003mm Over 300mm

Tool Changer
 Tool Capacity (24+1):                24 Tool Twin Arm   Chain Drive Rack
 Tool Shank:                          CAT#40 Taper       BT#40 Optional
 Tool Change Time:                    1.7 Seconds Tool to Tool
 Tool Diameter / w/adjacent tool:     5.90" / 3.15"      150mm/80mm
 Tool Length/Weight (from gage line): 11.81" / 15 lbs    300mm/7Kg
 Tool Selection/Tool Access           Random             Bi Direction: 

 Coolant Capacity:                    68-Gallons         256 Liters
 Electrical - Connected Load:         50 amps            220vac+5%, 60hz
 Air Service Requirements:            85 PSI @ 14-scfm
 Machine Dimensions:                  87" x 73" x 113"   218x186x288cm
 Machine Weight:                      9,923 lbs          4,500 kg

*Machine Options*

Factory machine installation: "Peace-of-Mind Factory Installation" - Includes

Expenses:                                                $2,995.00

Factory On-Site 3-Day Machine Operation and Program Training - Includes

Expenses:                                                $3,995.00

Belt Type Chip Conveyor w/ 38" Barrel Height Discharge:  $3,995.00

15,000 RPM Spindle Speed Upgrade:                        $5,995.00

24,000-rpm HSK-63 Integral Spindle 
w/ Ceramic Bearings & Spindle Chiller:                   POR 

Second-Year Machine Warranty:                            $6,995.00

Voltage Stabilizers/Transformers 
(specify voltage needs):                                 POR

1,000 PSI Through-The-Spindle Coolant Upgrade:           $9,990.00

For Collets, Vises, Cutting Tools, Machine Options Etc.
$2500 Tooling Certificate  
$5000 Tooling Certificate  
$10,000 Tooling Certificate  
*See the Genmill Options Brochures for a Complete Listing of Tooling Options*


Lifetime FREE Training:
Ganesh Machinery offers a 3-day training program for

all production CNC machines at our training center. The intense training

program includes basic manual programming, machine setup, operation, and

operator level maintenance for those with a working knowledge in the

programming & setup of CNC machines. Training does not cover CAD/CAM systems

or Manual Guide-i type of programming.  There is no charge for the training

program at Ganesh for our customers.  Turn-key projects and on-site training

are an available option charged at the prevailing hourly rate.  

1 full year Ganesh parts and labor warranty on the machine and 3-

years CNC control & drives.

Service and Parts:
Ganesh or your authorized Ganesh trained servicing dealer

provides installation and service.  Spare parts are stocked at Ganesh in

Chatsworth to support your continued machine operation.

F.O.B. Point: Machines ship F.O.B. Ganesh Machinery from Chatsworth, CA 91311

Payment Terms:

20% down payment with your Purchase Order secures the machine.

70% is due prior to machine shipment, and the 10% balance is due net-30 days

after installation.  Or the machine can be financed with a Ganesh approved

lender.  Leases with $1.00 buyout are available upon approved credit.  

Delivery Schedule: Delivery is stock to 12-weeks, subject to prior sales.

Purchase is governed by the Ganesh Machinery terms and conditions of sale.


Prices and specifications subject to change without prior notice.

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