20"X, 14"Y, 16"Z, Leadwell MCV-OP, 1991, Mits Control, Clean   Our stock number: 400225

20 X, 14 Y, 16 Z, Leadwell MCV-OP, 1991, Mits Control, Clean

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Equipped with:
   Mitsubishi m310 cnc controls
   Fully enclosed
   Rigid tapping

Overall table                          16" x 29.5"
Working area                           14" x 25.5"
Max. Load capacity                     550 lbs
Travel (x) axis                        20"
       (y) axis                        14"
       (z) axis                        16"
Spindle nose to table                  4" min 20" max
Max spindle speed                      6,000 rpm
Spindle nose                           7.5 hp 
Motor                                  Peak 5 hp continuous
Rapid traverse (x & y) axis            588 ipm
Rapid travers (x)                      384 ipm
Automatic tool changer                 16
Max tool diameter                      3"
Length                                 7.9"
ATC time tool to tool                  6 sec.
Chip to chip                           10 sec.
Dimensions                             81" x 110 x 88" ht
Weight                                 6600 lbs

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