MORI SEIKI NT3200DCG/1000SZ, 2 1/2", 2006   Our stock number: 399740

MORI SEIKI NT3200DCG/1000SZ, 2 1/2 , 2006

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MORI SEIKI NT3200DCG/1000SZ, 2 1/2 , 2006MORI SEIKI NT3200DCG/1000SZ, 2 1/2 , 2006MORI SEIKI NT3200DCG/1000SZ, 2 1/2 , 2006
MORI SEIKI NT3200DCG/1000SZ, 2 1/2 , 2006MORI SEIKI NT3200DCG/1000SZ, 2 1/2 , 2006

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Equipped With:

    A2-6 Spindle Nose
    Automatic Slideway Lubricating System
    20/15 HP Headstock 1 & 2 Spindle Motor
    7.5/5 HP Rotary Tool Spindle Motor
    12,000 RPM Rotary Tool
    BT-40 Standard Specification
    Oil Cooler
    Coolant System
    Manual type In-Machine Tool Presetter for Headstock 1 & 2
    8" Hollow Chuck Unit for Spindles 1 & 2
    MAPPS III - Mori Advanced Programming Production System
    3D Interface Checking Function
    Tool Life Management B
    Spindle Orientation
    Process Completion Light
    12 Station Lower Turrt Bolt - Tightened
    Air Blow System Tool Tip (Tool Spindle)
    Air Blow System Chuck (Headstock 1)
    Automatic Measuring System (Tool Spindle) / Renishaw
    B-Axis Index 0.0001 Degree
    1000 PSI High Pressure Coolant System
    Signal Light - 3 Stage
    Synchronous Tapping Spindle Center
    Tool Spindle CAPTO-C5 (ATC40)
    AI Contour Control II
    Circulat Interpolation Cutting Compensation
    daa Server with ATA Card Including fast Ethernet
    Dynamic Diameter / Radius Switching
    Inverse Time Feed
    Part Program Storage 8MB
    Tool Center Point Control
    Tool Offset for 5-Axis machining
    Work Coordinate System for 48 Sets
    Turret 2 max Milling Speed 6000 RPM

B Head rebuilt and Turret serviced recently by Mori

General Specifications:

Control:                             Mori Fanuc MSX-711IIIPC (31iT) CNC Control 
Max Turning Dia.:                    23.6" 
Max Turning Dia (Over Saddle):       14.57" 
Max Turning Length:                  41.1" 
Spindle Speeds(Main):                5,000-RPM 
Rotary Tool Speeds:                  12,000-RPM 
Sub Spindle Speeds:                  4,000-RPM 
X Axis Travels:                      27" 
Y Axis Travels:                      4.9" 
Z Axis Travels:                      42.3" 
B Axis Travels:                      120 Deg 
C Axis Index:                        360,000 
Bar Capacity:                        2.5" 
Rapid Traverse:                      1968 IPM (X/Z) 
Rapid Traverse:                      1181 IPM (Y) 
Lower Turret with Live Tooling:      12-Station 
Spindle (1) Main Motor Drive:        25 HP 
Current Electrical Arrangement:      220/3/60 

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