ESMA E992-25, 2017,NEVER USED, cleaning & passivation, 5-tank, 30x14x14   Our stock number: 399325

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Equipped With:
   Runs Automated Cycles Of: Cleaning, Rinsing, Passivation, Rinsing & Drying
   Passivation Process: (50-60 Minute Total Run Time)
   (5) 60-Gallon Heated Storage Tanks
   (2) Nitric Acid Passivation Solution Tanks
   (1) Alkaline Cleaning Solution Tank
   (2) Rinse Water Storage Tanks
   Uses Fresh DI Water For Final Rinse Cycle
   4,500 Watts Of Heat With 200 CFM Of Air Drying Cycle
   High Velocity Fans
   Carbon Filtration Rinse Cycles
   High Powered Ultrasonics Used For Cleaning/Passivating/Rinsing Agitation
   Automated Process Moving Fluids Not Parts
   UV Lights Rinse Option
   Neutralization Rinse 1Option
   Rinse Spray Manifold In Dryer Cover Option
   Conductivity Transmitter & Probe Option For Monitoring 
    Conductivity Of Final Rinse Water To Meet ASTM A967 Standard
   Ready To Operate
   More Specifications Available

Purchased NEW in 2017: NEVER USED. Still Skidded. Ready To Ship

We are confirming the sizes & dims
Cabinet Dimensions:                         28"W x 22"L x 39"H
Tank Dimensions:                            24"W x 14"L x 12"D
Tank Volume:                                18 gallons
Storage Tanks:                              30"W x 15"L x 30"D each of (3)
Ultrasonic Power:                           1800 watts
Hot Air Dryer:                              3000 watts
Construction:                               All stainless steel, RFI filtered
Electrical:                                 120v ultrasonic system,
                                             230v hot air dryer


Control                                     Beijer HMI Touch Screen Panel
No. Of Tanks In Addition To Process Unit    (5)
Process Unit                                25 Gallons
Process Unit Dimensions                     30" x 14" x 14"H
Process Unit Working Depth                  12"
Ultrasonic Power                            2,100 Watt, 40 kHz
Solution Heater                             2,000 Watts
Larger Drain Pumps                          TE5.5
Storage Tanks                               60 Gallons/Each
Storage Tank Dimensions                     32" x 18" x 24"H
Storage Tank Dims; Pumps/Filters/Enclosures 36" x 30" x 30"H
Storage Tanks                               3,500 Watts, Temp Controlled Heat
Storage Tank Housing                        Standard 304 Stainless Steel
System Voltage                              120/208V, 3-Phase, 4-Wire, 60Amp

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