Zoller/Hydromat Hyperion H300S3-00062, CRT, Keyboard, X,Y, Z setting, 2 fixtures   Our stock number: 399161

Measuring range Z    350 mm      
Measuring range X    300 mm      
Swivel range O       300 mm      

This unit currently has Tooling Fextures for HSK 26  & 36 Series tooling with

the clamping elements, capable of x,y and z presetting.

Previous owners comments:
It was not used much by the original owner and came with the Hydromat Epic

25/12. It has had very low runtime.  We purchased a Hydromat and the tool

presetter was part of the deal. We have not hooked it up or used it at all. 

This unit is in excellent condition!

This unit sells new around $47K... make offer if you want a sweet setter.

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