Ganesh Cyclone 70TTMY, 8"Chk, 2.75" bar, 2013, 8 Axis,2 Turret,2 Spindle,Y & sub   Our stock number: 399051

Ganesh Cyclone 70TTMY, 8 Chk, 2.75 bar, 2013, 8 Axis,2 Turret,2 Spindle,Y & sub

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Ganesh Cyclone 70TTMY, 8 Chk, 2.75 bar, 2013, 8 Axis,2 Turret,2 Spindle,Y & subGanesh Cyclone 70TTMY, 8 Chk, 2.75 bar, 2013, 8 Axis,2 Turret,2 Spindle,Y & sub

Specifications from OEM brochure, buyer should confirm all details

Machine is complete with the "Ganesh Productivity Package" including:
Finished Parts Pick-Off Unit with Parts Conveyor
Ganesh Autobar 80 Barfeeder, Interfaced
MP Systems High Pressure Coolatn System
Headwall air blast and coolant outlets for main and subspindle & through-the-
   turret coolant supply
Dual 4-amp coolant pumps with coolant flow sensor monitoring
Traub-52 "Dead-Length" collet chuck or 6" 3-jaw hydraulic chuck, main & sub
25-Static BMT-65 (Approx) Toolholders 
Chip Conveyor 
5-Axial & 4-Radial driven tool holders
Mistbuster 850 Oil Filtration

There are approximately 12 Live tools holders including ratary Face, Cross,
   Adjustible Angle, etc and fixed ID & OD Tool Blocks

General Specifications As Per Brochure
CNC Control                                     Mitsubishi M720 
                                                64-bit Risc CPU running at
                                                135,000 Blocks/min & 680 Block
   Turning Diameter,Max                         7.48" (190 mm) 
   Standard                                     6.7" (170mm) 
   Turning length                               15.75" (400mm) 
   Center distance                              36.22" (920mm) 

   Identical Mitsubishi Integral Spindles
   Spindle nose / Bearing Diameter              A2-6
   Spindle Bar Capacity                         2.75" (71 mm)
   Chuck Size                                   8"
   Spindle Center Height                        46.45" (1,180mm)
   Maximum spindle speed                        60-4,000 RPM 
   Integral Spindles (4,000 RPM Hi-Torque option)
   Spindle Motor                                30hp peak, 20hp 
                                                (30-minute duty rating)

   Dual 16-Station Live Tool Turrets
   Number of turret stations                    16 x 2
                                                32 (Any combination of 32 
                                                 ID,OD, Live tool stations)
   Index time (adjacent tool / 180 deg index)
     0.2 seconds / 1.2 seconds High-Speed Servo Indexing
   Tool Size / Collet Size                      25mm for square tool and
                                                  round tool) / ER-32

Y axis travel                                   3.93" of travel - +/- 1.968"
                                                  off of centerline 
                                                  (+/- 50mm)
Y axis Rapid Feed Rate                          236 ipm (6m per minute)

   Spindle Radial Resolution                    0.001 deg
     360,000 radial positions with full contouring capability

"B" AXIS (sub spindle travel)
   B Axis Rapid Traverse Rate                   1,573 IPM
   B Axis Travel                                25.59" (650mm)

   Axis Travel                                  X1 5.9", X2 9.05"
   Axis Travel                                  Z1 17.32", Z2 17.32"
   Rapid Travers Rate X1 / X2                   630 ipm (16 m/minute)
   Rapid Travers Rate Z1, Z2                    1,574 ipm (40 m/minute)

   Hydraulic System, 10.5 gallons (40 Liters), 3-HP pump motor
   Coolant Pumps - (2) 1.7hp Coolant Pumps & 1 for flushing
   Coolant Tank 70-gallon (280 Liters) coolant tank

Machine Weight                                  22,707lbs (10,300 kgs)

Electrical Requirement 49.5KVA (220VAC  5%, 3-phase, 60 Hz, 131 amps)
Air Requirement 85-psi @ 8-cfm for parts catcher, ejector, oil mist lubricator

Machine Demensions                              167" x 88" x 79"

Note: this machine is in excellent condition

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