KRRAS No. 3713, AUDEMI PGP-401 control, 2018, 145-5/8"length, 1/2"mild steel cap   Our stock number: 398977

KRRAS No. 3713, AUDEMI PGP-401 control, 2018, 145-5/8 length, 1/2 mild steel cap

(Specification from OEM Brochure - All details should be confirmed by buyer)

Cutting Capacity (Mild Steel)               1/2"
Cutting Capacity (Stainless)                3/8"
Cutting Length                              145-5/8"
Variable Cutting Angle                      1 - 3
Number of Plate Holders                     21
Strokes per Minute                          5/7 SPM
Clamp Force                                 210 kN
Cutting Force                               600 kN
Back Gauge Travel                           39"(48" optional)
Motor                                       30 HP(high HP optional)
Weight                                      29,700lbs
Working Height                              40-7/8"
Dimensions                                  171" L x 78" W x 97"

Standard Accessories:

Variable Rake angle adjustment (1deg. - 3deg.)
Ball transfers on table
Top driven cylinders
Rapid blade gap adjustment
4 edge, high carbon, high chrome, D2 quality, shear blades
Shadow line lighting & well designed finger guard for
 clear view of cutting line
Safety foot switch operation - top blade will automatically return
 to top positiion when foot leaves pedal
39" side squaring arm with disappearing stops & inch/metric rule

Equipped With:

Audemi PGP-401 Touch-N-Go Back Gauge Control
Sheet Support System for 12' x "
48" Back Gauge
Solid Table w/hand & T slots
10' Squaring Arm with 1-Piece Rule

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