3/4", NOMURA NN20UB8, MITSUBISHI, 2014, 4 live, 3IDBW/1ODBW   Our stock number: 398811

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Equipped With:
    MTA Tracer Magazine Bar Feed, 6' bar length max
    Turbo Standard Hinged Belt Coveyor
    Part Conveyor
    Patrol Light

Original cost $185K

General Specifications per brochure

Control:                                 Mitsubishi M70V
Axes:                                    X1,Y1,Z1,C1,X2,Z2
Machining Capacity:
    Machining Diameter:                  20 mm
    Machining Length, 1 chuck:           200mm
    Max Parts Unloading length:          105mm
Main Spindle:
    Max Diameter:                        24mm
    Main spindle RPM:                    10,000 
    Max number of tools (as std):        17
    OD Tools (12.7x150mm max):           5
    ID/BW Tools (ER16):                  4
      Max Drill Diam:                    10mm
      Max Tap Diam:                      M8
    Live Cross Drills:                   4
      Max Drill Diam:                    8mm
      Max Tap Diam:                      M6
      Live Tool RPM:                     6,000
Sub Spindle:
    OD Tool (10x80mm max):               1
    ID BW Tools (ER16):                  3
      Max Drill Diam:                    8mm
      Max Tap Diam:                      M6
Feed rate:                               36mm/min
Min Command unit:                        .0001mm
C-Axis Command (Main & Sub):             .0001 degree
    Main Spindle Motor:                  2.2 / 3.7kW
    Live Tool Motor:                     .75kW
    Back Spindle Motor:                  0.75kW
    X1,Z1:                               1.0kW
    Y1,X2,Z2:                            0.5kW
    Coolant Pump:                        0.25kw
    Lubricant Pump:                      0.003kW
Main Spindle Center Height:              1000mm
Input Power Capacity:                    12KVA
Pneumatic pressure and flow rate:        0.6MPa, 50L/min
Coolant Tank:                            110L
Lubricant tank:                          0.8L
Dimension (LxWxH):                       2140 x 1030 x 1680mm
                                         85 x 41 x 66 in
Weight:                                  2135 kg
                                         4710 lbs

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