1000 gram capacity, STATE MIX VM1000, 2013,Coaxial Polyurethane Mixer   Our stock number: 398425

The VM-1000 construction contains a high horsepower motor,

suspended in a custom designed cradle system. The motor provides

the bucket with its required rotation in both axes. A Kevlar belt

assembly transforms the vertical rotation of the base to the

second opposite rotational axis. Prior to mixing, a counter

weight system is dialed according to the amount of material

poured in the pail. The VM-1000 can mix up to 1000g or 2.2lbs of

material in one shot.

The drive system of the VM-1000 consists of a single phase 208-

230 V motor with a variable frequency motor driver and a dynamic

braking system. It also contains a timer that automatically

activates the dynamic braking system to bring the machine to a

halt very rapidly.

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