28.7"X, 28.7"Y, 33.5"Z, MORI SEIKI NH5000, 2003, 1 Degree, 120 ATC, 6 Pallet   Our stock number: 398260

Specification from OEM Brochure (All details should be confirmed by buyer)

Equipped With:
    Mori MSG-501 (Fanuc)
    120 Toolse Indexing
    6 Station Pallet Changer Plus 3 additional Pallets
    OMP60 Renishaw Probe
    Filter System
    Turbo Chip Conveyor
    Cooljet Chiller System

    X Axis Travel:                          24.8"
    Y Axis Travel:                          23.6"
    Z Axis Travel:                          26.4"
    Pallet Surface to Spindle Center:       2" - 25.6"
    Table Center to Spindle Gauge Plane:    3.9" - 30.3" 
    Pallet Size:                            19.7" x 19.7" 
    Number of Pallets:                      6 
    Max Pallet Load:                        1,100 LBS 
    Pallet Index Time:                      2 Sec 
    Spindle Speed:                          8,000 RPM 
    Spindle Taper:                          CAT 50 
    Tool Changer Capacity:                  120 ATC 

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