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From the thinnest sheet to the thickest plate JMT has your number in plate

rolling machines. In 3 roll and 4 roll, hand crank to the most powerful

variable axis (variable geometry) plate rolling machines available to the

industry, JMT is your source for the longest lasting most accurate plate

rollers for sale in the market today. If massive is your mindset JMT is your

source. With widths as narrow as 3 foot 4 inches to widths as wide as 13 foot

5 inches your sheet will probably fall in there somewhere. With thickness

capacities as thin as 18 gauge to thickness capacities as thick as 6 inches,

you will begin to realize JMT is you're one stop source for plate rolling

machines of any description. JMT has worked with our manufacturing partner to

"fine tune" our plate rolls to our specification and to the pinnacle of their

development. The mechanism of the 4 roll and 3 roll machines offers quick and

effectual production of thick to medium plates including stainless steel and

other difficult to roll materials.

4 Roll Plate Rollers

Accurate! Easy To Operate! Fast! Reliable!

5' to 26' Bending Lengths
Bend 10 Gauge Up to 6" Material
3 Controller Options
Minimal Flat Spots
Excellent For Rolling Cones
Easily Complete Pre-Bending, Elliptic, Polycentric & Conical Bent Shapes
Induction Hardened Rolls As Standard
Our four roll plate roller machines are more precise, productive, versatile,

faster, safer and easier to operate than our 3 roll plate rolling machines as

they are less dependent on operator competence. If you are looking for the

fastest and most accurate plate roller machines, our four roll bending

machines come highly recommended.

3 Roll Plate Rollers

A Value! Versatile! Flexible! Adaptable! Practical!

6' to 14' Bending Lengths
Bend 1/4" Up To 2" Material
Wide Working Range
Cost Effective Solution For Large Diameters
Induction Hardened Rollers
All three rolls are driven with a combination of planetary gear boxes and

hydraulic motors providing superior torque, speed and distribution of powerful

forces to pre bend and roll the toughest of materials. All of our plate

rollers have a strengthened machine body constructed of stress-relieved high-

yield steel, strengthened bearing guidance system, super strong brakes and

rolls machined with optimum crowning. Learn more standard features and about

all the optional equipment available within.

Variable Geometry Plate Rolls


Ideal For Heavy Plate And High Yields!
Accurate! Easy To Operate! Fast! Reliable!
Roll Wide Range Of Parts-50% More Capacity!
Roll Complex Parts!
Roll Cones With Ease!
Flatten Or Straighten Thick Plate!
Zero To Minimal Flat Spots!
Parallel To The Ground Loading!
Variable axis plate rolls "press-rolls" function like a press brake with a

variable v-die, therefore providing an unmatchable combination of rolling

power and prebending precision guaranteed to take your rolling and bending

capacities to new heights that were previously unattainable.

Initial Pinch Roller


3'4" to 10' Bending Lengths
Bend 18 Gauge Up to 1/4" Material
Conical Bending
Back Roll Has Motorized Adjustment
Top And Bottom Rolls Are Powered By
Electrical Motor, Gearbox And Gear Drive
Bottom Roll Is Manually Adjusted Up & Down
Portable Control Console
Hardened, SAE 1050 Steel Rolls
Cast Iron Frames
Precise Bending With Motorized Brake
MRBS2500 And MRBS3000 Series Rollers Feature A Bottom Roll Support System
Optional accessories on our initial pinch plate roller machines include

digital readout, remote controls, bottom rolls motorized for clamping, ground

rolls, extended rolls & section rolls.

Slip Roller


3'4" to 6'7" Bending Lengths
18 Gauge to 11 Gauge (1/8") Bending Capacities
Conical Bending
Cast Frame
SAE 1050 Steel Rolls
Portable Foot Pedal
Emergency Stop
Bottom And Pinch Rolls Are Manually Adjusted
Bottom And Pinch Rolls With Wire Grooves
Top And Bottom Rolls Are Motor Driven
Our MRB-E line up of powered slip roller machines are economical rolling

machines for light gauge metals (sheet metal). Optional accessories include

digital readout(s), hardened rolls and ground rolls. Learn more about our

popular power driven slip rollers within.

Manual Roll Bender


3'4" to 6'7" Bending Lengths
18 Gauge to 11 Gauge (1/8") Bending Capacities
Conical Bending Attainable
Easy to Adjust and Operate
Sturdy and Rigid Cast Iron Frame
SAE 1050 Steel Rolls
Bottom and Pinch Rolls Adjust Manually
Bottom and Pinch Rolls with Wire or Rod Grooves
Our manual roll benders are slip roll machines that are heavy-duty,

affordable, production tools for forming curved parts and rolling sheet metal

tubes of various sizes and shapes. Optional accessories include precision

turned hardened rolls or ground rolls. Learn more within about our complete

selection of manual slip roll bending machines today.

Quality begins on the inside and JMT plate rolls are loaded with world class

components. The structure of the machine is enforced by a stress relieved

welded frame that has been designed as a 5 axis unit. Precise parallel

surfaces and axis points assist in promoting consistent, accurate results.

With almost exclusively Bosch-Rex-Roth components from the main hydraulic

pump, to the last proportional valve at the end of the line, quality is spoken

here. Inside the very well sorted electrical panel, you will find again almost

exclusively Siemens main and minor componentry. Longevity is the goal, and JMT

plate rolls step up to that challenge.

Simple operation is yet another benefit of these machine's overall smooth

functions, equipped with a readable, user friendly control panel that offers

digital readouts and is independently mobile for the operator's convenience.

For more information on the many advantages of our hydraulic and motorized

powered 4 roll and 3 roll plate rolling machines, and how they might fit your

specific needs, contact a JMT sales representative today!


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