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JMT is proud to announce their long awaited partnership with a world renowned

builder of the utmost quality Dishing and Flanging machines available to

modern industry worldwide. JMT is currently one of only a very small

contingent of suppliers certified to represent this manufacturer in North


In the storage tank, pressure vessel fabrication industries, making the

cylinder portion of the completed tank or vessel is by far the easiest part of

the project. The equipment required to fabricate these cylinders is usually a

fairly common 3 or 4 roll plate rolling machine. A rather simple set or

multiple set of tank turning rolls and a welding manipulator or two. Just like

that, you have a solid steel cylinder of varying diameters, thickness, and

lengths well on your way to a completed tank or pressure vessel right? But how

do you form or fabricate the tank/vessel ends known in that industry as the

"caps. "or "bottoms" ? These pieces can be somewhat complex, with a specific

radius, may or may not have a center hole, may or may not have numerous holes

all around it and oh yeah, needs to have a specific flange rolled up its edge

so the cap has some way to be connected to the cylinder. These caps or bottoms

can range from as small as 36 inches in diameter to well in excess of 300

inches or more and our line up of dishing and flanging machines are up to the


 JMT Dishing and Flanging Machine
The lineup of these new JMT Dishing and Flanging machines is quite

comprehensive. Flanging machine sizes begin at a machine max capacity of 118

inches, and go all the way up to a machine with a max capacity of 315 inches.

The Dishing presses start at 200 ton x 118 inches maximum diameter, and go all

the way up ...

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Enter, JMT's new lineup of dishing and flanging machines. The process of

creating a tank cap or bottom requires 3 separate pieces of machinery to

accomplish the finished piece part. First the flat round steel blank is set on

the manipulator so the blank can be positioned underneath the main ram of the

dishing press. The pressing sequence then begins with the main press making

its first impression on the flat blank. The manipulator then repositions the

blank in a spherical motion all the way around the circumference of the steel

blank, until it arrives at its initial starting position. The manipulator then

repositions the blank in reference to the main ram end and begins to make

another circular pass, progressively moving up the wall of the dished piece

part until the cap or bottom has been pressed to customer specifications. This

entire sequence occurs automatically between the manipulator and the main

press via a simple programming control panel which has been programmed by the

operator. Now that you have a dished tank end cap or bottom how do you attach

it to the cylinder of the tank that is being fabricated? The next process that

is required to complete a tank end cap is called the "flanging process". This

flanging process is accomplished utilizing a machine called curiously enough,

a flanging press. JMT has you covered there as well. As all three pieces of

equipment originate from the same world renowned manufacturer, all three

machines work in near perfect harmony. The flanging press takes the completed

dished cap or bottom and rolls a specific flange dimension per customer

requirements. This operation is accomplished with a press specifically

designed to do this work which is equipped with a set of dedicated rolls which

can be positioned in relationship to each other to achieve the specific flange


As we have demonstrated in every other category of machinery we sell, JMT only

partners with the best equipment manufactures in the world. Our new flanging

and dishing machines are literally constructed to last decades. With all the

newest stress analysis, three dimensional state of stress to mass

considerations, and decades of experience engineering and building these

machines, quality and durability is inherent from the base up. These ultra-

heavy duty machines are all electron beam welded construction and chemical

atmospheric quenching process to relieve all stress in the major casting and

fabricated components. All primary internal components are supplied from the

best producers worldwide.

If your need is to produce high quality tank or vessel "end caps" or "bottoms"

with the most profit producing dishing and flanging equipment, then JMT is

your answer. We have the support in your backyard, and we have the knowledge

necessary to keep your company on the plus side. Request a quote for JMT you

will experience a responsive company who still believes that service comes


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