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JMT drill lines are available with 1, 2, or 3 individual spindles, making our

CNC beam drill line machines best suited for construction involving steel,

bridges, or shipyards. Our multiple axis cnc drill lines make drilling much

more efficient with the ability to drill H, I, and U structural steel

configurations as well as angle iron with diameters of .4" up to 1.5" and

more. Each spindle is independently programmed with its own X, Y, and Z axis,

so each spindle can work on the same beam simultaneously. A CNC control resets

to zero after each position before moving the spindles to the next position,

so it drills holes with exactness and preciseness.

 JMT AKDRILL ADM Structural Drill Line
JMT's AKDRILL ADM Drilling Machines provide high quality solutions in

manufacturing of steel construction, bridge construction, shipyards and

various other fields of construction. ADM series have the drilling capacity of

H, I, and U profiles or angle iron with standard diameters of .4? to 1.5? or


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Each of our beam drill line machines have linear guides, central lubrication,

and a tool cooling system to ensure smooth operation and lower maintenance.

Within each coordinate system there is a 4 station tool changer, allowing it

to drill, mill, scribe, counter sink, or tap as needed; tools can even be

swapped out mid-operation easily and without disruption. Positive beam

positioning consists of an arm attached to a rack and pinion system on the

feed conveyor to more accurately position the beam as it goes through the

drill line, maintaining .004", making our steel beam drill lines much more

accurate than friction roller machines.

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