FASTI FP60 20/6, 2006, 19.70" Clamping Stroke, 80" Working Length, 1/4" Max   Our stock number: 395917

Specification from OEM Brochure (All details should be confirmed by buyer)

Standard Equipment:
   CFP 120 Control
   Graphic display of parts
   Cutting length calculation
   Radius and hemming functions
   10 Program management folders
   Max 20 bending cycles per program
   Tool Positions, set up instructions
   Error detection
   Universal Folding machine with electro mechanical drive
   Clamping beam FASTI-FIX tool holder with mechanical clamping device
   Bottom Beam WZS 3000 tool holder with mechanical clamping device
   Tool cabinet
   Existing tooling included

   Max Thickness:                           6mm
   Air pressure:                            5 bar
   Working length:                          2040mm
   Working Range                            10-750mm
   Speed:                                   330 mm/s
   Overal Width:                            2750mm
   Clamping Beam Stroke:                    500mm
   Manual Folding beam adjustment:          80mm
   Manual Folding center adjustment:        80mm

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