JMT/FINTEK VH-1010-6HC, 2017, Hydraulic bend plate, NC Control,   Our stock number: 395870

Specification from OEM Brochure (All details should be confirmed by buyer)

Equipped With:
   NC control
   Hydraulically Driven Bend Plate
   Easy Degree Adjustment Auto-stop
   Semi-Automatic bending mode with foot pedal control for increased

   Heavy Duty Construction
   Easy Material Thickness Adjustment
   Variable Bending Speed 31.5" NC Back Gauge
   Easy Clamping Pressure Adjustment
   Greasable Joints and Filtered Hydraulic System for Longevity.
   Top of the line electrical components.

   Capacity Length:                         120" 
   Capacity Thickness (SS):                 10 Ga. (12 Ga.) 
   Bend Angle:                              0- 135 deg. 
   Finger Size:                              3" / 4" / 5" / 6" 
   Beam Adjustment:                          1" 
   Min Reverse Bend:                         .984" 
   Box Depth:                               6" 
   Motor:                                   5 HP 
   Power Requirements:                      220v / 3 phase 
   Shipping Dimensions (L/W/H):             153" / 46" / 71" 
   Shipping Weight:                          7700 lbs

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