MITSUBISHI, No. V35F, 35 Amp, 1994, CNC Control C11G35   Our stock number: 394961

All specifications are from OEM brochure.  Buy should confirm all details

Equipped with:
G35B Power Supply                     
32 Bit Microprocessors                
Mitsubishi C11 "Fuzzy Logic: Control  
Multi Functional Hand Pod             
Closed Loop Feedback System           
Programmable Flush                    
RS 232C Interface                     
All Available Manuals                 

Travel Width                          9.84"G35 
Amperage                              55 Avg Amp (70 Peak)
Control                               Mits C11 Fuzzy Logic
Max. Weight of Workpiece              1,100 Lbs
Table Dimensions                      27.5" x 19.7"
Work-Tank Internal Dimensions         31.5" x 21.6" x 12.2"
Distance Between Plate to Table       19.69"-5.91"
Max. Electrode Weight                 22 Lbs
Fluid Res Capacity                    102 Gal
Automatic Tool Changer                24 Pos
Power Supply                          G35B
Power                                 55 Avg Amp (70 Peak)
Electrical                            220v/3Phz
Machine Dimensions                    67.64" x 71.57" x 98.23"
Machine Unit Weight                   8,000 Lbs

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