2016 Cryomech LNP20 Nitrogen Generator system, As-New, 20 L/dy   Our stock number: 394293

2016 Cryomech LNP20 Nitrogen Generator system, As-New, 20 L/dy

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2016 Cryomech LNP20 Nitrogen Generator system, As-New, 20 L/dy

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Liquid Nitrogen Plant Consisting of:
Cryorefrigeration System

Dewar Assembly
Nitrogen Generator Assembly
CryoRefrigeration System Consists of:
 (1) AL125 Cold Head - P/N CH1A126Y06
 (1) CP830 Helium Compressor, Water Cooled,
 208/230VAC, Single Phase, 60 Hz - P/N CP08H3W3BB
 (2) Stainless Steel Helium Flexible Lines, 10 feet length:
 1/2" ID Line, 1/2" Aeroquip both ends, P/N FL08S-0808-10
 3/4" ID Line, 3/4" Aeroquip to 1/2" Aeroquip, P/N FL12S-0812-10
 (1) Cold Head Motor Cord, 10 feet long, P/N MC-6810-10

Dewar Assy Consists of:
(1) 100 Liter Capacity, 20L/dy ainless Steel, Liquid Nitrogen Dewar, P/N

 fitted with Stainless Steel, Vacuum Jacketed, Liquid Nitrogen Extraction Line
 Fully Automatic Liquid Nitrogen Level Indicator
 Pressure Regulating & Safety Devices
 Nitrogen Generator Assembly -P/N NGA002 Consists of:

Wall mountable panel fitted with:
Nitrogen Generator and Compressed Air Filter Bank
Electric Automatic Drain valve and inlet pressure regulator
Stainless Steel Nitrogen Flexible 10 foot length Line, P/N FL-LNP-10
compressed air filter bank spare parts kit for 1 yr of operation, P/N SPK008
Installation Tool Kit, P/N ITK008
Installation Spare Parts Kit, P/N SPK006
Installation and Operation Manual, P/N IMN056
Electrical protection to Helium Compressor, P/N EPD001

Filter Bank Panel 1 709.00 709.00
Fittings Fittings, All 1 250.00 250.00
After Filter Housing After Filter Housing

Upgrade Compressor Package to Air Cooled Compressor

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