Package of (1) 1985 CITIZEN F12 w/ Fanuc 3TC and (2) 1981 With Fanuc 3TA (Ohio)   Our stock number: 393104

Equipped With (Buyer Must Verify Details):
Misc OD/ID & Live tools
Gravity Bar Loader

Specifications As Per Brochure:
CNC Control:                           FANUC 
Maximum Working Diameter:              0.5"
Maximum Length Per Chucking:           4.92"
Number Of Tool Stations:               10
Main Spindle Speeds (RPM):             220/10000
Spindle Speeds Rotary Tools:
  Low Speed Turret:                    200 - 1000 RPM
  High Speed Turret:                   300 - 6400 RPM
Maximum Drilling Diameter:             0.315"
Minimum Indexing Increment of
  Main Spindle:                        1 Deg. Pulse
Minimum Input Increment:               0.00004"
Main Spindle Motor (30 min.
  Rating/Cont.):                       7.3HP/5HP
Maximum Bar Length:                    12'
Approx Machine Dimensions:             6' X 4-1/2' X 6' 4"
Approx Weight:                         5100 LBS.

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