PHASE-A-MATIC, No. CNC PAC 30, 2016, Rotary Phase Converter and Voltage Stabiliz   Our stock number: 392681

A Rotary Phase Converter, Voltage Stabilizer combination, when properly sized,

provides the necessary voltage balance of close to + 5% or less between legs

compared to standard 3-phase line voltage of + 10%. It also helps to keep the

output voltage stable during peak loads, thus helping most CNC / PLC and other

voltage sensitive equipment to operate properly

Most CNC / PLC machines require a CNC PAC? 1 to 2 times larger than the

spindle motor in order to accommodate the extra amps for starting, instant

reversing, and for the servos, hydraulics, etc.
? Later model CNC / PLC machines are more technologically sophisticated, with

up to 10,000 RPM and higher spindle speeds, regenerative braking, etc. These

may require the CNC PAC? sized even larger. We have a large data bank from

past applications experience to help you with these decisions.
Note: 220V CNC PAC? is 220V single-phase in and 220V three-phase out. 460V CNC

PAC? is 460V single-phase in and 460V three-phase out.

    220V CNC Pack 30:                       30HP

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