1 1/4"Dia, LNS Express 332, 6', 2005, for fixed or sliding headstock   Our stock number: 392199

1 1/4 Dia, LNS Express 332, 6', 2005, for fixed or sliding headstock

General Specifications per Brochure 
(all details to be confirmed by buyer)

Bar Diameter Capacity:           .125" - 1.250" (Swiss machines or fixed
                                    headstocks w/out bar end preparation)
                                 .125" - 1.375" (fixed headstocks or
                                    Swiss machines w/bar end preparation)
Max. Bar Length Capacity:        6' (2300 mm)
Bar Feed Z-axis Retract:         20" (500 mm)
Min. Bar Length Capacity:        48" (1200 mm)
Rack Capacity:                   11.6" (295 mm) wide
Bar Reload Time:                 43 seconds w/remnant removal
Max. Remnant Length Removal:     20" (500)
Retract System:                  yes
Changeover Time:                 2 minute partial changeovers
                                 8 minute complete changeovers
Hydraulic Oil:                   21 US gallons (80 liters); ISO 100 grade
Air Supply:                      80 - 100 psi of shop air
Electrical Requirements:         System wired to 230/380/420/480 volts
                                 AC 3 phase, max. 3 amp
Control Voltage:                 24V DC
Shipping Weight (approx.):       3,648 lbs
Dimensions (Approx):             109" x 38" x 52"

Equipped with 14mm channel set...........
Original configured on a Hanwha CNC Swiss

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