1/4", ESCOMATIC, No. D6, Coil Fed, 3 Cutting Tools   Our stock number: 392135

1/4 , ESCOMATIC, No. D6, Coil Fed, 3 Cutting Tools

Equipped with (buyer to verify details):
   Tool Head 
   Cross Drilling
   Double Back Drilling
  =standard feed 
  =standard straightner
Optional; POR: Heavy duty coolant pump, Long feed support, Turn-key

General Specifications As Per Brochure:
New in maximum stock diameter: steel:               6.35 mm
                        brass:                      6.35 mm
Feed range: with lever ratio 1:1:                   62 mm
            with lever ratio 1:2:                   31 mm
            with double feed:                       124 mm
Minimum output:                                     0.8 p/min.
Mximum output:                                      50  p/min.
Number of production rates:                         37
Number of cutting tools:                            3
Dimensions of cutting tools:                        diameter 6 mm x 34 mm
Standard leverage ratio of tools:                   1:5
Idem, with correction:                              1:4.5 - 1:5.8
Max. axial movement of cutting tools:               4 mm
Toolhead speeds:                                    2400-3000-6000 rpm
Rotor straightening attachment speeds:              500-1000-2000 rpm
Ratio variable between feed rate:                   1:1 and 1:2
Main motor rating:                                  2.3 kw
           speed:                                   1400 rpm
Counter collet spindle, stationary:                 1
Maximum clamping diameter of counter collet:        6.35 mm
Number of drilling spindles:                        2
Drilling spindle speeds:                            2000/3000 rpm
                                                    5000/8000 rpm
                                                    12000 rpm
Maximum clamping dia. of drilling spindles:         6 mm
Maximum axial movement of drilling spindles:        32 mm
Maximum drill or thread dia. in steel:              4 mm
Maximum drill or thread dia.  brass:                5 mm
Threading spindle speeds:                           600/900 rpm
                                                    1300/2000 rpm
                                                    3000 rpm
Dimensions of case (approx.):                       1150mm x 2000mm x 1600mm
Weight (approx.):                                   1150 kg

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