"NEW" GANESH GTK-2050, FAGOR 8055TC, 2014, 3.15" Bar Capacity, 10" 3-Jaw Chuck   Our stock number: 343684

NEW GANESH GTK-2050, FAGOR 8055TC, 2014, 3.15 Bar Capacity, 10 3-Jaw Chuck

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NEW GANESH GTK-2050, FAGOR 8055TC, 2014, 3.15 Bar Capacity, 10 3-Jaw Chuck

  3.15" Bar Capacity and 10" 3-jaw chuck
  18.9" Swing Diameter
  43.3" Turning Length
  49.2" Center Distance
  D1-8 Spindle Nose
  15 - 2,500 RPM Spindle Speeds
  3-Gear Ranges for High-Torque
  Fully Enclosed Splashguard
  FAGOR 8055-TC CNC Control


Swing over Cross Slide:                  10-1/8" (257mm)
Swing thru Gap:                          27-9/16" (700mm)
Gap Distance in Front of Faceplate:      8-13/16" (224mm)
Between Centers Distance:                49.2" (1250mm)
Bed Width of Ways:                       14-1/2" (370mm)
Bed Depth:                               13-3/8" (340mm)

Spindle Motor Horsepower:                (7.5Kw) 15-HP Peak 
                                           (10-HP 30-minute duty rating)
Spindle Speeds:                          15 - 2500 RPM infinitely variable
                                           in 3-gear ranges
Spindle Speed Gear Ranges, Automatically Selected:
   1= (15 - 300), 2= (301 -850), 3= (851 - 2500) RPM
Constant Power Range:                    5.5kw 125 - 2500 rpm (5.5kw)
Spindle Bore:                            3-1/8" (80mm)
Spindle Nose - Camlock:                  D1-8 Camlock
Spindle ID Taper in Spindle Nose:        MT-7 Morse Taper # 7
Spindle Taper Reduction Sleeve Provided MT-7 to MT-5 Taper Reduction Sleeve

Cross Slide - X-AXIS
Rapid Traverse Feedrate:                 200 IPM (5m/min)
Cross Slide Travel:                      8.07" (205mm)
Cross Slide Width:                       9" (230mm)
Cross Slide Ballscrew Diameter:          1" (25mm)
Cross Slide Ballscrew Pitch 5mm Accuracy Grade C3 (H-P Laser Tested)
Cross Slide Thrust:                      2860 ft. lbs. (1300Kg Force)

Carriage - Z-AXIS
Rapid Traverse Feedrate:                 300 IPM (7.5m/min)
Z-axis Travel:                           50.4" (1280mm)
Cutting Tool Height Maximum:             1.5" (38mm)
Carriage Ballscrew Diameter:             1-5/16" (36mm)
Carriage Ballscrew Pitch:                10mm Accuracy Grade C3 (H-P Laser 
Carriage Slide Thrust:                   6,200 ft. lbs. (2850Kg Force)

Tailstock- Engraved With Inch / Metric Quill Graduations
Quill Diameter:                          2-15/16" (75mm)
Quill Stroke:                            7-7/8" (196.5mm)
Quill Taper:                             MT-5 Morse Taper # 5
Quill Tang Drive and Drift-slot For Tailstock Included
Tailstock body Set-over Adjustment  :    3/8" (  10mm)
Tailstock Body Is "Air Assisted" For Ease In Positioning
Coolant Tank Capacity:                   40-gallons (115 liters)

Coolant Pump Motor:                      350 watt Walrus coolant pump
Coolant Tank Capacity:                   30-gallons (115 liters)
Electrical Requirements:                 220vac  5%

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